Fiesta not available in Custom Games

We used to be able to save gametypes locally from the match history.

We used to also have sufficient options to modify Slayer into Fiesta manually.

These options are not available to us anymore.

I’ll be relieved if they just haven’t gotten to it yet. Whatever. 10 year game. But if they’re holding normal features hostage behind the FTP model, that’s deeply upsetting.

I really wish we could just get some clarity from 343 about this kind of stuff. Not “there’s more content to come after launch and we’re monitoring feedback” but more like “we intend to restore all of the features and options in custom games, but we don’t have an exact date yet”.

I really appreciate their stated goal to be more transparent, but I’m finding lately that the increased transparency just further highlights their frequent evasiveness on certain issues. There’s an element of hedged PR speak that they just can’t shake.