Fiesta needs tweaking

Weapon differences between teams are ridiculous. Having the enemy team constant spawn with hammers, swords, or rockets and all you get is plasma pistols isnt fun

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Nah, it’s the nature of the beast. It’s always been this way (Halo 5 notwithstanding - never bothered with that noise). Spend some time in the firing range, learning the ins and outs of a weapon. A clever player who knows the strengths and weaknesses of the arsenal can overcome much. Especially the most clever of players who understands this is a team game and to stick with a buddy at all times to coordinate fire and attacks.

Also you can just pick up dropped enemy weapons so

Doesnt help when the guy with the gravity hammer or sword survives half the match

Then my suggestion is to kill him

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Thanks -Yoink!- hole. Go -Yoink!- off with your smart mouth

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Yes, that can be tough - one some maps more than others. Stick by a team mate, focus fire with whatever you have (plasma pistol is great for stripping the shield while your ally plinks the sword/hammer person in the head). Utilize the wall hack thing to avoid getting ambushed by melee folk around corners. There’s ways to adapt - not always easy, but stick with it!

Agreed. Half my matches I get a pistol and plasma pistol while everyone else gets swords, hammers, rockets and snipers and yet somehow they want us to get 5 killing sprees for this weeks ultimate challenge.