Fiesta kiljoy is a killjoy

huh, a challenge that practically ENCURRAGES LOOSING kinda blows in more ways than one, ey?


I have definitely allowed myself to be killed just to give the enemy a killing spree so that I have a better chance of getting a killjoy

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Getting killjoys in any gametype relies upon luck, but in fiesta I feel like it’s easier. If a semi-competent opponent happens to spawn with power weapons they will easily get 5 kills and then run out of ammo leaving them vulnerable.

What benefit is there from completing this challenge? If it’s just exp or armor then it’s not worth pursuing - both of those are useless. I haven’t played Halo6 yet but if it is anything like the previous iterations of the franchise the challenges wind up meaning nothing at all - completing them will not grant you any advantage during gameplay.

Does anyone want to hop in a lobby and grind this challenge together by throwing games to give the enemy killing sprees? I’m trying to get it but its a struggle…


I’m down to help you with it.
We don’t even know if the skin it’s coming back in the future

Dude you must be joking it took me 12 matches to get 3 killjoys. (and I was purposefully throwing the games to try to improve my luck). This is grindy for no good reason at all. The developer who came up with this idea needs to come up with some better capstone challenges. For example, “Kill 70 spartans” or “play 5 matches”


I’d just have them be:

  • Finish x games with a 1.0 or better K/D
  • Finish x games with 10+ kills
  • Finish a game in the top 3 on the leaderboard

aka just play to the best of your ability.


I played some games last night with a friend of mine and he was able to complete this challenge in two matches. It might not be as hard as I first thought.

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Played this challenge last night. 3 games, 3 killjoys. I got a few sprees and and an overkill so the enemy picked up at least a few killjoys on me. I didn’t do anything special just played and had fun.

The best part is I’m only G6 so I’m not really that good. :slight_smile: From what I read, it seems the skill gap kicks in around mid-diamond so if we really want rare coatings then give us challenges that mid-diamond can complete.

The weekly challenge was just an AR coating this week. Nothing special. Even still, felt a bit too easy to me.

Just swap the challenge. I did and I got a challenge for the event to complete 4 matches

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nah grow up and grind for that kill joy spartan

I wanted to swap the challenge, but the game would not allow it. My inventory shows 39 swaps available, so unavailability was not the cause.

Some weeks the Capstone allows swaps and other weeks it does not. Is it bugged? Or is there another factor that influences Capstone swaps?

Playing well should not make challenges harder . Killjoy challenges are dumb. after a few games playing normally and throwing for killjoys im not even going to continue trying.

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It’s so funny to listen to a guy placed at gold with a 0.8kd giving advice lmao. Here is one advice for you "“get better at the actual game and then try to give advice to people”. Your actual skill level is so low that none should take you seriously. Actually the only reason you managed to do the challenge is because you are bad at the game and that just proves that the killjoy challenge is meant for noobs.

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dont even bother with this guy. He is a gold 0.8kd player trying to give advice to more skilled players and tells them to get good when hes trash. Hes a pure clown.

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Exactly, no skill is needed other than to just play the game. That easy.

No joke, it was that easy. Sounds like you made it harder for yourself than it needed to be.

Both of you made it harder than it needed to be, stop being so hard on yourselves and relax.

of course you did, it’s part of a set that’s otherwise a part of the free event. It’s very calculating and infuriating that it’s put behind this challenge-wall based on luck and downright bad gameplay, but at least it’s not behind a pay-wall I guess.

I tried playing it regularly. I did 8-10 matches and realized this was a complete waste of time, they just want people grinding Fiesta.