Fiesta kiljoy is a killjoy

This challenge does not make any sense, is primarily up to luck, and does not encourage good gameplay.

If someone has this challenge, me included, they will purposely die to let the other team get a killing spree then try to kill that person. This causes people to purposely sink their team to try and get this which effectively ruins the game for the other people on that persons team. I played two rounds like this but even with a half decent team on my side the opponents aren’t likely to get a killing spree. The odds are low, out of the player’s control, a massive time suck, and a killjoy of my experience.

There are suggestions online to get a full team together and all of you keep dying to let the other team get killing spree’s, but again this is idiotic and essentially requires teamwork just to outsmart a challenge.

If you play solo, this challenge is practically impossible to get.
First, killing sprees are less likely in Fiesta vs other game modes because of how many power weapons there are and typically people get shutdown before they can hit a killing spree.
Second, once an opponent has a killing spree the odds of you being that person to end the killing spree is at best 1/4 (probably less if I’m dying on purpose to help them get a killing spree cause now i have to get to them before one of my team mates).
Then it has to be repeated 3 times.

This is completely unreasonable. If it was once, that would be more achievable but again, counter intuitive to the gameplay which is to win.

I completed all challenges within 24hrs and now I’m stuck with an nearly impossible ultimate challenge that could take the remainder of the week to try and get and I would likely still not get it. I’m not even going to bother trying to get this challenge, it’s a waste of my time and I don’t even like fiesta that much. It sucks because they obviously attach a weapon skin to such a ridiculous challenge.

See ya next week.

Solution: the challenge should be to GET 3 killing sprees in Fiesta. It is still reasonably difficult and actually achievable on an individual basis.


I just posted about this same issue about an hour ago.

They need to remove challenges like this. They promote playing the game in an awkward, unenjoyable and manipulative manner. If I could damage my teammates to help myself in accomplishing this challenge, I would, and that’s simply terrible design.


There are several other threads it seems. Here is the most popular of them:


Such a stupid weekly ultimate.


Luckily I get player that go 1-18 so I’ll likely get it lol


Man, this totally bums me out cause I actually wanted that weapon skin.


Ya I saw another post about it, but figured I’d make my own so they know there are lots of people upset about this challenge. I liked your thread.

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It is a garbage challenge honestly. Between this one and the take out an enemy who has stolen you flag 3 times makes me say NOPE and use a challenge swap, if I have some available. Relying on an enemy to do a certain task for the sake of a challenge is just bad game development.
But then again, that is what 343 is known for.


Already said it in another thread. But if you are having a hard time doing this, that’s on you not the game. I hardly tied on any of these challenges and the capstone one I didn’t even try the hardest and already completed it. These have to be some of the EASIEST challenges and system of all systems.

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It just comes down to luck. My approach was to play my best, which in theory if I’m getting more kills than I’m more likely to get a killjoy. This strategy relies heavily on getting matched with bad teammates though.

Aside from going in with a 4 stack and throwing games, there is no way to “try” to complete the challenge.

You are completely wrong. Fiesta killjoys are not hard, you are just playing a low skill level. And by purposely dying, you are assuring yourself you will stay at that skill level. Play better and you will match up with better players who are going on sprees and then it’s up to you to to actually have to skill to beat them. Maybe, that’s impossible for you but it is quite achievable by a large portion of the player base.

If anything, 343 should make that ultimate challenge challenging but I understand how they need to keep players like you engaged.

Challenges -Yoink!- be free passes. If you can’t get it, you ca’t get it. That’s the point. It makes the item a bit more rare if not everyone who just grinds will get it.

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I just finished the challenge took me about 2 hours. My strategy was to just get as many kills as I can and hopefully get a Killjoy in the process. Try to go for people with swords and hammers, and smaller maps are better for this challenge.


I got stuck looking for an oddball match for about 10 matches, these luck based challenges are absurd.

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It’s basically a “Grind Fiesta matches” challenge.

It really sucks.


The purpose of the game is to win so if a challenge promotes losing for the sake of a challenge that not everyone has then it does not promote good gameplay. If you got it then it was for sure just through luck or though manipulating the game with friends. There is little to no skill involved other than waiting for your opponent to get a killing spree and trying to track them down. Also if you’re winning you’re opponent isn’t getting killing sprees. It is counter intuitive to the gameplay, that’s the point I’m making, so it is on the makers of the game.


lol it does not have to do with my skill. If I’m wining they aren’t getting killing sprees that’s the problem. I HAVE to purposely go out of my way to die to help them get killing sprees.


Yeah I don’t think I’ll be able to pull this one off. It’s a shame, I’ve earned all the weekly rewards up to this point, but now it’s all left up to chance. Whoever thought up some of these challenges really dropped the ball. And that they were approved to go in the game… it’s unfortunate.


Yeah, I’d rather stick a needle inside my ureter than grind this challenge.


rolling eyes so hard


In order to get killjoys in fiesta you have to either throw games or have a team that is throwing the game and hoep to get it before them.

It just isn’t fun and well I don’t want to ruin the game for myself or others so I gave up and moved to just playing BTB.

I want that rifle skin but well I don’t want it so badly I am willing to ruin the game for myself.