Fiesta isn't Slayer

Challenge: Complete a match of slayer

Me: Plays the new Fiesta mode

Fiesta: Objective: Get kills to win

Challenge: Lol Jeff didn’t say “Slayer”

Me: :slightly_frowning_face:


They’ve confirmed to us that it’s easy to add playlists, so why, after all the criticism at the lack of playlists, are we going to another week without the ability to queue for Slayer.


Agreed I have 2 slayer challenges and have been trying to get into a slayer match for 3 days now and have not gotten slayer AT ALL

Blue also isn’t Red. Who would have thought?

Just queue for quick play and leave games that aren’t slayer matches. Not your fault 343 made it this way and that’s the way to get around it.

??? This is definitely inaccurate… unless you only played 10 or less games over a 3 day period

I played for a good 2 hours last night and still didn’t get a single slayer match personally :man_shrugging:

Its actually really simple tbh…

Queue for quick play, leave the game instantly if it isn’t slayer. Easy work. 343 doesn’t let us pick what to queue for right now so this is the best way to get it done.

I’d rather not catch a timed ban for leaving casual matches. Plus it isn’t that big of a deal to me, and I don’t quit matches to challenge chase.

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They are out of the office this week for thanksgiving. hopefully it can be worked on when they are back.

You don’t get a timed ban from leaving anything but ranked. I’m on the leaderboards for leaves from casual games. Either listen or don’t.

The timed ban glitch only happens if you get disconnected in a specific way.

No need to treat casual games like ranked, winning them doesn’t prove anything. If you want the challenge done, that is the fastest way.

More like Blue isn’t Navy, but go off I guess.

Fiesta is a subtype of slayer.