Fiesta is the worst mode in Halo

I agree that it’s pretty bad. Like you say, a lot of RNG. It’s been in the Action Sack playlist in a couple of Halos if I recall, and that’s where it belongs. Just a mode to screw around in when you don’t feel like playing seriously. It’s kind of lame to be honest how 343 made the entire event about that one mode though. It gets tiring.

I died too much from behind to either hammer or sword which is annoying but other than that Fiesta is fun.

Clearly you’ve never played Halo before. Classic game mode. It’s a supplemental mode that’s here for one week you pleb. There’s 3 other MP playlists and this is all before the game officially launches. Relax.

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It’s literally a casual party mode.

The challenges aren’t that hard. Get a killing spree, win 2 matches, skewer someone in the braincase, etc.

The ground is literally covered with equipment because everybody is a Yard Sale :smiley:


I agree, I never liked fiesta

But that’s the FUN part of fiesta the randomness of you can’t enjoy that your just a sweat thst thinks pub stomping is fun

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It’s literally the same as its always been. You just don’t like the challenges, which you should really just ignore.

This post feels more like a another post about the ex system and not so much as one about fiesta

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Yea, it actually is.
Fiesta is fine. Sandbox is wonderul. Got tons of kill with the least likely things. Good ol’ Plasma + Melee around corners is delicious.

Sadly the challenges given by 343 for the event just sucks the fun out of it cos you can’t focus on just having fun. Or you can just have fun and never get the Event unlocks.


They had the base armor low. So I really didnt have to focus much. Just play it and it unlocked. The event is fractured into 3 weeks. The first is over the Thanksgiving holiday to get people hooked in. But thier is a cap on how much you can unlock. the second is strategically placed after xmas break is over for schools and jobs. The third as well. Most will probably have to pay for progresion skips and double xp boosts to unlock most of it in the time frame.

The variety of modes is what makes Halo shine above other shooters and fiesta is a perfect example. I love it :man_shrugging:

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It’s not a Fiesta if all you spawn with is a Plasma Pistol and disruptor constantly. Nice to see the randomization for weapons is just as trash as it was in Halo 5 :grin:

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If it wasn’t for the Fracture i wouldn’t have even switched off of QP/BTB to play it. I’m literally only doing it because I’m forced to, to get an armor core I might use in the future, and to get a coating which may never show up again. And yeah, the capstone for this week is 5 killing sprees in Fiesta, when i’m struggling to even get above a 3 kill streak. I would’ve taken “kill 1000 spartans in PVP” over that. At least I know i’m making progress. I don’t doubt there are those out there that love Fiesta, I even know a few, they have their reasons to like it and more power to em. The less I play of it, the better for my sanity.

THE most frustrating game mode I’ve played so far, I have had some fun but that fun has been washed away by the final weekly challenge of getting 5 kill streaks in Fiesta.

I’ve got 2 in 3 games but I am not enjoying having to resort to ‘sweaty’ (did I use that right? I’m old lol) game play such as camping behind corners if I get a shotty and/or melee to try and grind out 5 kills in a row.

Oh and if you’re someone I killed with some lame camping I’m sorry but it’s for the unlocks, you understand right?

The game mode itself is not the problem, the problem is the lack of weapons and how useless most of them are. The fact that i joy when i get BR or a AR instead of most of the banished weapons says a lot.

In halo 5 it was good because of all the available weapons and the powerful variants they had. Now in Infinite poor weapons selection… not so much.

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It’s party my fault for the fact that in every Halo game I try to stick to the human weapons, I know what I get from them, a lot of the other weapons are really really situational, they only work in very specific circumstances and often you’ll start with two of those.

It is and to people saying that all modes shouldn’t be about skill. I agree with this but forcing everyone to play this specific game mode for the challenges feels terrible especially as someone who play mostly ranked.

I personally disagree that a VAST variety of rocket launchers equals better gameplay. There were around 13-14 ‘rocket launcher’ type weapons in the game, and as a result they showed up way too often and the game devolved into Rockets: the mode. All other weapons were completely nullified because somebody always had a rocket launcher of some sort.

Infinite may have fewer weapons, but at least rocket launchers are much less prevalent this time around.

It’s not a mode anyone should be forced to play. It’s fun if you play it when you feel like it. Forcing people to play it to complete their weekly challenges and the weekly challenge unlock is ridiculous. The fact that anyone at 343 didn’t see how bad of any idea it was is really a bad sign.

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Guessing you didn’t even read my post?