Fiesta is the worst mode in Halo

There, I said it.

There’s nothing redeemable about a mode relying entirely on RNG when combined with challenges that requires you to perform certain tasks for said mode.

Next time, just do regular Slayer.


I think it a really fun gametype, the fun is in the chaos… but I don’t enjoy it that much as 4v4 slayer.

I love it as FFA slayer and objective.


fiesta is controlled chaos. You get to overcome kids with rockets with an ar and then take their rockets. Or you get to spawn with rockets and go crazy blasting everything. It’s fun.


Fiesta needs to be thrown into action sack along with griff ball. I miss the og h3 action sack soo much spent hours in it over everything else.


@Enialat3r oooh griffball. I agree I would love for the old action sack to come back. It was a great way to just have fun with your friends when ranked was getting to sweaty.


Eh, I mean not every game mode has to be 100% about skill. Goofy games are fun sometimes and my friends and I like playing occasional games of fiesta. The point of the game is to have fun after all. Though I do think the challenges being specific to it to unlock stuff is dumb, but to be fair the entire challenge and progression system and the horrid monetization scheme behind it is equally dumb.

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I agree on the need to select the game modes. I was having a blast on Fiesta tho.
RNG can really set the tone for the match. I played a team that were constantly spawning with Rockets and Swords. It was pretty much game over. I’ve had other games where I was spawning with my least favorite weapons. I was able to learn how they work. Sometimes, even with crap RNG, if you get on the right roll you are fine. I’ve wiped the whole team and upgraded my weapons as I went and turned the tide on them.
I just wish it was more rewarding challenge wise.

I Really enjoyed Fiesta in halo 5 because of the VAST amount of weapons that we had in the pool. I had fun playing it yesterday in infinite for a couple of games but it really shows just how lacking the weapons are in this game. In halo 5, there were TONS of weapons that you hoped you got. (Rocket and variants, Saw and variants, fuel rod guns and variants, sniper and varients). In halo infinities version, I was running mainly Battle rifles or rockets I would get or find on the ground. All the other weapons are weak/not super fun to use.

We need more weapons. This playlist only proved that.


It’s a fun mode, but more weapons can only improve it. When I play I am always hoping to spawn with rockets or sword.

To those that aren’t enjoying Fiesta, I am using it as a way to practice with armor abilities in combination with weapons, and weapons I don’t like. Really starting to get the hang of the grapple + sword. Lot’s of fun.

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Honestly Fiesta is actually one of the BEST modes ibn Halo. It gives everyone an even playing field at some point during the match. Maybe you’ll get an energy sword and actually be able to empty it, or maybe you’ll get clapped by 50 Sniper Rifles, who knows, that’s what makes it the best, it’s completely unpredictable!

However if you want a REAL challenge, set the settings to unlimited time, unlimited ammo, and disable weapon pickup, what how fast the chaos reigns, it’s great!


May I introduce you Halo 3 Territories & it’s easy spawn-killing?

RNG weapons are not controlled chaos, that is random chaos.

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unpredicatlbe and unreliable gameplay isnt fun. Its only fun for players that dont know how to play halo.

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RNG is part of the chaos. sometimes you get steamrolled, sometimes you get a 25 killstreak with a needler and an energy sword. but you always have options.

griffball would be siiick

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Except, you know - not. It can be a lot of fun, and it’s optional? Right now it’s also a good way to force people to get more familiar with all the weapons and abilities.

It wouldn’t be terrible as an option but done as an Event that you have to play for a certain unlock it is terrible. One of my challenges was win a match and in my first 3 matches I literally had a teammate every time with Zero kills. An entire game with zero kills. Random teammates with random weapons is atrociously bad. LOL.

Fun when you’re not forced to play it - that’s my gripe anyway.

Its not fiesta is the worst game mode. Its THIS Fiesta is the worst version. Halo 5’s fiesta was much better because there was just so much weapons you can possibly get.

This one, the sandbox is build around primary and utility weapons. You won’t kill anyone if you get a utility, and primary weapons require a skill gap. Only way to actually have a high secure chance is if you get snipers or rockets.

Without a bigger sandbox, fiesta isn’t fun.


I’ve been playing Fiesta customs on Halo for over a decade, Fiesta is specifically a mode for people who know the ins and outs of Halos weapon sandbox.