Fiesta is painful to play

Please for the love of God never attach an event to fiesta ever again. This playlist is sweatier than MLG Halo 3 circa 2008.

I just want to get my stupid ugly, terribly bland helmet. And you guys keep purposely sticking me in matches against teams of 4 and handing them sword/grapple, rocket and so on. Then I get crappy plasma rifle wanna be and electric gun.


Fiesta at the minute is almost more sweaty than when I was grinding to onyx in ranked. I thought I had finally finished the stupid challenges last night but the game decided to just not count three of my games towards the ultimate challenge. So…. I guess that means ANOTHER three fiesta matches for me, fantastic

I detest Fiesta and always have done. It pains me having to play this game mode…yes, I have the choice to not play Fiesta but we all know the challenge and event system make it a completionists FOMO nightmare.

I love Fiesta, but since the most recent update I just can’t do anything in the game at all. Fiesta showed me that in every game now I’m experiencing Desync. I keep shooting guys and seeing no damage. And it’s almost always one guy in the game I can’t damage. Wednesday I played 3 games and experienced lag/Desync and rubber banding in each game. In one of those games I had the same guy kill me about 10 times because no matter what I couldn’t kill him. Empty an entire Disruptor clip into him as he sprints in a straight line at me, nothing, fire a rocket directly at his feet, nothing, not even a shield flare.

Infinite has now become completely unplayable for me. I can’t even begin to enjoy the game if I know that no matter how hard I try or good I might be, I WILL ALWAYS LOSE TO THE SAME GUY.

I looked at the challenges yesterday and thought ok I can get a few done in about an hour. Nope. After over an hour of playing game after game, loosing every time, I finally had a game where it came down to one final kill, 49-49. On Behemoth… with a sniper… I emptied an entire clip into one guy… nothing… (I’m terrible with the sniper so I might have missed most of the shots, but I know 1 hit him doing no damage) looked at the guy next to him after reloading and fired 1 shot. VICTORY… Sniper headshot. So now I’m not entirely sure, do I suck with the sniper, Is it Desync, or did I just get lucky? Over an hour of double digit deaths and low single digit kills for 1 single victory to complete 1 challenge.

No matter what it is, I’m not having fun anymore. I literally can’t because I’m now just a free kill walking around for the enemy team. I can’t win, I can’t have fun.

With the exception of some challenges, I had a blast playing it. It’s a good mode that forces to learn how to functionally use all of the weapons in the game mode effective. Most of the weapons in this game are quite good for this mode as well.

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I like Fiesta in Infinite, also because it’s the most casual gamemode at this moment in the game. But i also think the maps Aquarius and Recharge play very well on it.

Desync, lag and unbalanced teams are still a huge problem though… Yesterday i even got an Perfection in Fiesta.

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