Fiesta is Not Fun (Currently)

I LOVED Halo 5 Fiesta. It was crazy, unpredictable fun.

Halo Infinite, not so much. At all. This is the most disappointed I have been so far. It’s pushing me away from wanting to play Infinite’s multiplayer and I finally figured out why…

Shield recharge while sprinting.

I understand that with sprint, people will often flee combat when THEY don’t get the jump on someone, or to better position themselves to survive. Makes sense. Still less of a problem when sprint did not exist in Halo.

The problem is right now in Halo Infinite though, now more than ever, people are REWARDED for breaking the combat loop. Basically, people can disengage many combat dances simply because they do not have the upper hand and can either avoid it all together, or run towards teammates, which in Fiesta will surely mean another chance at an OP power weapon.

Respectfully, I go from a 2.0 KD in Halo 5 Fiesta to a 1.0KD. I don’t care about my KD at all, it should just be more consistent. Fiesta and Husky Raid were my favorites and now it is painful because people think every death is the end of the world, so they run away to avoid it as opposed to fighting, doing your best, respawning and trying again. It ruins the perfect Halo combat dance when 50% of engagements are broken.

I’m really looking forward to campaign and enjoy BTB, just a little sad that my favorite mode is not fun.

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If you are looking at kd in fiesta at all you are missing the point. I generally go comfortably positive in social but my ratio in fiesta is probably TERRIBLE because it’s just a casual mode to mess around in. It shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Mess around with different weapon and equipment options and have fun playing with them guns you don’t get to pick up as much in regular arena.


This is partly true, but this is Fiesta slayer so you need to have a positive contribution to win. If were Husky Raid, I would fully agree with you as I just go after the flag full stop.

There just aren’t enough weapons in rotation for Infinite’s Fiesta to be a hit. It get’s boring very quickly. The random vehicle spawns is a nice touch but it doesn’t hold a flame to how underwhelming and bland Infinite’s Fiesta truly is.

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I think it’s a symptom of the sandbox.

Halo 5 had tons of weapons due to all the weapon variations. Infinite currently has a very small sandbox with clear power weapons, so spawning with a sidekick and pulse carbine feels particularly bad.

I kind of agree about the sprint shield recharge thing but I think they may have done it because wouldn’t be fair if I couldn’t sprint and recharge but someone else could fly through the air like Spiderman on amphetamines and recharge theirs.

Then if it wasn’t able to be recharged when using any equipment, you’d never be able to get away from a fight.

Big fan of H5 fiesta too. But I think the biggest problem with infinites fiesta is the only 20 weapons Vs H5s 100reqs and many more standard weapon variants. And personally, the fact I keep forgetting I can sprint and recharge now.

I like it cause I have always liked fiesta and it gives you a change to at least relax a little bit and escape from the sweat swap that is Ranked and the K/D padding fest that is Quick play

The problem with Halo Infinite’s Fiesta is the weapons. The Ravager is completely useless for example.

That is part of it for sure, 4-5 weapons are totally useless.

I go grom 5 kd in h5 to 0.5 in infinit :joy::joy::joy: weapon variety is awful and not fun we had so many cool forerunner weapons and we had 3 different weapon from each weapon at least like we had 4 unsc shotguns and 3 kind of binary rifle and … but in this game, Nothing!!! it’s a step backward !

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Glad to know I’m not alone on the struggle bus! :joy:

we had some useless weapons in h5 fiesta as well like open hand and smg and some covenant weapons. but in halo infinite weapon variety is so small. there are 8 players in the match and each carry 2 weapons so there are 16 weapons in that match so every weapon in halo infinite is on the match everytime !!! ( equipments as well) but in h5 there was more than 40 different weapons!!!