Fiesta is fun but my god the hammers

the hammer is OP, its kill range is insane and it seems to show up quite often in the random weapons
I just finished some games where the whole enemy team had found a hammer and a grapple they were running around basically invincible, camping every corner and dropping in from 10 stories above to smash you

 Ideas for fixes:

make the hammer slow you down

make its range for a one hit death half the size it is now

classify certain weapons as heavy/one-hitters and have them not appear in your hand but rather on the field or maybe just at a lower rate

give the hammer (and the sword while you are at it) two different kinds of strikes. make it so the only way you can one-hit someone is by charging it, making it more difficult to land. quick hits require two or three strikes for death.

This might sound weird but Fiesta really does show how pitiful a lot of the weapons in the sandbox currently are, especially the damn pulse carbine.