Fiesta is Boo boo bad in Infinite

This playlist is more sweaty and rigged than even ranked. The spawns are bad enough already on infinite, but the way I keep getting crap weapons…wait nah, it’s just most of the new weapons suck and the enemy team keeps getting rockets , snipers, swords and hammers for DAYS. The worst version of fiesta I’ve ever played in any Halo game.

And anyone getting SWARMED by the enemy team constantly???


Yup, I think the map design/spawns is the issue when it comes to this gametype

Spawn design has been awful in every Halo game haha :smiley:

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You’re not wrong :sweat_smile:

It usually just doesn’t work well

So many times you kill them infront of you then boom they’re right behind you with a sword. It’s a joke.

People are tired of waiting for a dedicated Slayer playlist so they turned Fiesta into a sweatfest, I’m never going to complete the ultimate weekly challenge at this point. (;′⌒`)

I won’t lie, it was hard getting five killing sprees for the ultimate reward.

I’d get 3 or 4 kills then get hit with a rocket out of nowhere :sweat:

Not with standard maps in Halo 3 and non forge maps on Reach.

Welcome to Fiesta.
It’s been an unfair experience since ever.
Inherently it’s unfair. Just dont take it seriously and grind out your challenges.

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yes but infinite’s weapon sandbox is atrociously lopsided

The fact that you can play Fiesta on maps that spawn vehicles baffles me.

They could have at least disabled the vehicle spawns.

Why would they do that? Fiesta with random vehicles is fun

Honestly and this may be my personal unpopular opinion. But Im loving fiesta. Its pure havok and chaos and I think its great lol. Jump into a game and theres blood spit and -Yoink!- all over the place. Plus you can burn through matches so fast to gain XP. I honestly really enjoy it.

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Personally I’m having fun. I like having random vehicles on the maps that have them too. Sure you get owned some time if you don’t spawn with decent weapons, but that is the way Fiesta has always been.

A bit off topic but is there a way to set up fiesta in custom games? I tried but there’s no option for random weapon starts? Maybe I’m missing something.

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I think all you need to do to fix fiesta is remove the rocket launcher from the rotation.

IMO fiesta shows the major flaws in the 18m radar since spawning with a sword or hammer can easily net you a tone of kills since there is no room to counter them as they pop up on the radar.

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