Fiesta game completions dont count towards the challenge

So first of i hate FIESTA with a lot of passion. It seems that the game knows that and is trying to get me to uninstall it. The weekly ultimate challenge is Fiesta game completions however after 10 games none of them counted towards the game copletion. It seems this game never stops to amaze me in making me discover new ways to get annoyed at it.


Can confirm, doesn’t work for me either

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oh i figured it out. The challenge says game “COMPLETIONS” but it counts only wins. So the problem is once again 343’s incompetance.

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How many wins does it require? I haven’t reach the capstone yet.

5 wins but it says completions.

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Thanks Chief :slight_smile:

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That happened to me both ways the last time Tenrai came up, with one challenge asking for wins and really wanting completions, and another asking for completions and really wanting wins. Very strange.

This isn’t just Fiesta… it just happened to me in Ranked (which I hate Ranked but had to complete the objective). And it seems to randomly count if it just says “complete” rather than “win”; I lost all 3 games, and only the middle one didn’t count. Majorly annoying bug.

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It’s definitely wins for the Fiesta challenge though. It’s not randomly glitchy. The challenge is just worded incorrectly.

I hate having to play Fiesta so much the challenge system makes this game sooooo un-fun.

Agreed 100%. I’m playing games (losing) and its not going up at all. Only goes up after a win.