Fiesta Feedback

So I’ve been playing alot of Fiesta and it’s a fun and chaotic mode, but I do have a couple tweaks I think would make it alot more balanced and fun as opposed to how it is now, biggest one is power weapons should be capped to 2 per fireteam at a time IMO, because it’s silly that people either spawn in with a Gravity Hammer or an Energy Sword and all they do with it is hide in a corner and wait for people to walk by and kill them before they get a chance to react, It’s nuts! I think capping it at only 2 at a time will stop the mode from hitting that ridiculous wall of “They all have power weapons so unless we have a sniper we’re S.O.L” but what do you guys think? I’m open to discussion and thoughts!

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More then that as someone using controller I shouldn’t be matching against m&k makes getting those 5 killing sprees a pain in the -Yoink!- -Yoink!-! I’m sick of this -Yoink!-