Field of View slider option?

After watching some gameplay footage of this game with Eli trying to speedrun the game I noticed that I will definitely get some motion sickness with this game at the current FOV. Would there be an option for a FOV slider please, even if it breaks animations I prefer broken animations instead of feeling ill.

highly doubht it but id hope so for people like you i hate getting motion sickness

There won’t be an option, sadly. It’s not a choice console users can make. (except for very few exceptions)

I wish, low FoV makes me physically ill. I did alright during the campaign streams, but my heart goes out to anyone else who suffers from motion sickness who finds him/herself unable to play Halo 5.

I really don’t care much.

luckily motion sickness only effects me in Viscera cleanup detail, sadly consoles don’t real get much FOV options.