FFA Tournamnet prize of 1600 Microsoft points

Right now there is 23 slots open, it’s on the 20th. http://talkhalo.net/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=56

I’m in!

GT: AppallingRain53

I want to be in!

Do i have to make a ccount on that site or is writing here enough?

You need to post there cause I’m not the one with the roster

20 Slots left

Who’s hosting it? I’d be glad to join and would also like to register a friend of mine.

Ok cool just sign up and post ya’lls gamer tags there. IBRSwifty is hosting but I’ll probably help

Can i join Gt- Mr Fever
I dont have an account for that website

Put my name in the hat for this tournament
(I’m not signing up on the site however so if that’s the deal breaker I’m out)

I’m down!

That is the only place that’s going to have updates on the Tournamnet like times and what not so I can’t really just put your gamer tag in

18 slots left now

I am in
Gt: invisa Boy

the 20th of January right?

what time?

As we get closer times will be assigned to each game. Post your username on the thread so you can receive updates.

16 slots left

I’m in!
XbL: SaYkReD

GT:l Refer

I’m in