FFA top 3

Is there any word of 343 correcting the FFA gametype victories. Every Halo that has ever had a free for all gametype has always given victory to top 3 players. It is upsetting to come in second place on a flood or regicide match and not get a win for my commendations. Not to mention, it will normally say “victory” at the end of the match when its not a victory…

I remember BS angel saying that they are working on something like that…

I’d love to have me a standard ffa. I can finally fight for myself with no crap teammates to worry about. Straight up kills, and every man for himself. No dumb king points placed on your head. I’ve killed so much in regicide, that it’s almost inevitable to not get king.

Some random person joins the game and easily catches up with a couple king kills …while I did all the work. Never playing regiflies again.

good job

> good job


> > good job
> WHY?!

If you look at the profiles of everyone who necro-posts, the necro-post is the only post they have. They’re not regulars; they probably found the thread in a web search.

Still doesn’t excuse them from not looking at the dates.