so I’m thinking of ranking in FFA, but it plays so different from the other gamemodes I’ve come to think I might need some help. Yes I know there are youtubers such a Vetoed (my favorite) that uploads and streams FFa but I am one those people that think that it doesn’t matter how much so watch other people play, you’ll always have a different way to play to game (it doesn’t means you can improve from watching others tho) but again I can’t seem to absorb all these trips and tactics pro players use.

That said, anyone could give some advice before giving it a try? Such as searches preferences, which weapons i must pick during the game, should I play agresive or passive? Should I play customs first to learn the maps better?

Also, just to clarify: I’m not going for champion because I know my skill won’t let me, I’m an average player.

I do not understand much, maybe it was the translator of google xD

But since reduced the number of players makes me a boring way