FFA Snipers

When Halo 3: ODST came out, I remember trying out the temporary Mythic Brawl playlist, which was a 12-player FFA. One of the gametypes that came up was FFA Snipers. Playing that was a blast!

Although Team Snipers serves that primary need, wouldn’t it be a great idea to add some weighting for that in Rumble Pit or Anniversary FFA?

I want to hold a few FFA Sniper customs tomorrow (Saturday, January 7th, at around 8:00 PM PST). Post here and send me a message on Xbox Live if you are interested. All maps are viable. Settings will be determined by post response.

Sounds like fun, count me in.

I’d probably be on around 9 or 10 PM tomorrow though, PST.

Would be nice to see what happens in FFA Snipers on Sword Base but, it would be 11:00 PM EST here.

The 8 PM PST time is pretty general. I may start earlier and it depends on who participates. If I get a good turnout, I’ll play as long as you want.

As for Sword Base, it will probably be about quick scopes and no-scopes. Snipers won’t have the Motion Tracker, standard in Snipers, but I’m debating on some no-sprint gametypes to make it more like the Halo 3 FFA Snipers. People can try to camp the lifts, but smart opponents will find a way to beat it.