FFA Snipers Only Lobbies (need players interested)


Looking to host 8-man FFA Snipers lobbies on Halo. If you are interested, reply to this post. Thanks :slight_smile:

This will be hosted by the team I run (Royale) and will be going onto YouTube.

Next Lobby: December 5th 2015 @ 20:00 UK Time (15:00 EST)

INV Dysliptics

GT: KSI Icarius

Still need more players!

I could use some practice with the sniper. Tengu, I’ll add you next time I get online.

Est 1920

Sure, i’m in, i can run it by some of my clan members too.

2 places available.

Add me… Gamertag: A7eh


Am not bad at sniping though looking to perfect. Hit me up @ SoloNazgul

Im in. Gt: Fatal Incidents.