FFA Score not counting

I’ve received two different challenges now dependent on FFA cumulative score and 50 kills. Problem is, regardless of how many kills/score you got, none of it counts afterwards. I realized that when this happens the after action report lists the score as “zero” with no other information whatsoever. This is very frustrating as I have played multiple FFA slayer matches because I want to get my weekly ultimate reward (even though its just an emblem that should’ve been a one and done reward for all forms of customization). This is probably a pretty low issue on 343’s list of priorities, which is sad considering these bugs encourage the use of challenge swaps and more participation in the egregious store system.

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There are a few threads on here about that. It’s listed in the Known Issues on the Halo Support site:

From that article:
In Ranked Arena playlists, completed matches occasionally do not count toward your rank and will show no stats at the end of the match.’*

Happening for me as well