FFA? Rumble Pit? Brawl? Slayer!!???!?!?!??!

I like the new Regicide (6 Player FFA) matchmaking playlist, but Why would you leave out one of the ALL TIME TRADITIONAL FIRST PERSON SHOOTER playlists like “Free For All”? This absolutely makes no sense. One of the other posts stated that FFA has been around since the days of DOOM/QUAKE! It’s one of my personal favorites to play and is also a great way to use all the weapons in different battles sequences. In Regicide, you are just chasing after the King. Sure, you can kill other people by you and on your way to killing the King, but most people are just going after the King and then you are just constantly running around the map. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy playing Regicide, but i believe good old fashion 8 Player FFA or sometimes even 10 Player FFA also know as “BRAWL” in the past would be great to put into rotation!

I’ve been a Halo player since Day 1 of Combat Evolved and i think some form of standard FFA should come back to the matchmaking playlist! Who is with me!?

Please reply back to this message and BE HEARD! or post your own thread about this topic!

Focus Lethality

Good luck with them listening or even reading this post. Theyve gone completely dark after the game dropped. All theyve done is taken the banshee out of valhalla ctf. Multiplayer is currently just a steaming turd

Rumble pit please

@Captn Porksack = I read the 343 industry Bulletin they put out on 11/14/12 and they did fix a bunch of crap in Matchmaking and they said they are working other issues. We can only hope so! Lets see what happens man! It’s the first biggest Halo launch in 5 years. I am sure they have a lot of kinks to work out. They already added TEAM SWAT and TEAM SNIPERS is coming next week.


I prefer Rumble Pit over Regicide. I prefer using skill over luck…

Infinity Slayer
Juggernaut - Halo 3 style not Halo Reach

That’s an FFA list. Regicide works but can be integrated in with other FFA options. It is a good gametype, but so are all the others and it is a waste to not see them.

I agree. Maybe they will eventually add in FFA to the playlist. Regicide is fun but its like punishment when you get to first place.

they need to add rumble pit and team objective at the very least as well as the ranked playlist, they are two basic game types that have been around since halo 2 dunno how you cant include them at launch.

Ruble pit suck Lone wolf all the way. just want the slayer experience

Gametypes that would benefit a Free For All playlist, variety is the spice of life.- Infinity FFA - exactly like Infinity Slayer but every man for himself, ordinance and loadouts alike.- Slayer Pro - likewise as in Team Slayer Pro, although I would make delay respawn times to 5 seconds otherwise it may get a little too hectic. I would also have weapons spawn on map and/or world drops.- Objective FFA - this can include oddball or KOTH, here I would see it as a good cause to include the instant respawn.
Other possibilities I would love to see (but you probably would be less inclined to follow through on):

  • Juggernaut- FFA Slammers (Swords/Hammers): no loadouts, no AA’s, maybe thruster pack or sprint would be acceptable) and no weapons on map.- Classic Pro: BR/AR start,no loadouts, no armor abilities, inc. movement speed, inc. weapon reload/swap (dexterity), inc. shield regen (shielding). This gametype in particular would probably be my favorite if I had to choose, it would be as close as it you can get to “classic” style Halo, personally I believe it warrants enough credit to have a playlist alone and I would really hope to see something similar to this in the future