FFA player count

Can we please finally get the minimum player count down to six for FFA. I think this would really help us few FFA players get games better. FFA has been pretty slow match making since infinite launch. Setting a lower player count for games should help quite a bit, keep max at eight if needed but as soon as six is found an count down for two more players should start and if they aren’t found the game should load up and start.

Could be a good idea. I wouldn’t mind it if regular 4v4 did the same and started as 3v3 like it used to on OG Reach. If it couldn’t find the extra 2 in a certain amount of time it would start 3v3. Sometimes it was a bit of a drag on big maps like Midas, but for the most part I liked it. There are the odd times on MCC where it struggles to find the last 2 to fill the lobby so I think it’d be a good implementation.

Halo 3 was doing this shortly after launch, if not at launch. I distinctly remember ranked Team Objective having low pop to the point where most games were 3v3 before it was removed.

Agreed. I’ve queued up to 20 minutes between games, even when backing out / restarting search.