FFA Oddball

So the first thing I did when the update came out was create oddball. To me the best version of oddball is FFA oddball. Unfortunately there isn’t an option to turn off teams in the new ball mode. Is there any way we could get that changed?

Also could we get an option for enabling instant catch or pickup? I loved throwing the ball at an enemy and killing them while they’re trying to figure out what happened.

Also the instant catch will help make the regicide game type more playable.

I was under the impression that Oddball would be in match making along with Assault. But it’s not for reasons…

I managed to turn the teams off however it is kinda broken. Its says Escort over the ball carrier even though its FFA. Very confusing…

The assault gametype is very buggy right now. One of the first things I tried to do upon gaining access to assault was make a version of breakout with the bomb. For one the announcer doesn’t call out how many people are alive. Rounds are totally broken with the game attempting to spawn multiple bombs into the match causing the bomb spawn to rotate around the map every 5 seconds. Very glitchy.

You can’t even turn off the bomb rotation in settings!

Instant pickup would be awesome if they implemented it in a new setting. I also hope they add free for all as a feature because in past Halos Lone Wolves/FFA have had game types other than slayer like oddball, king of the hill.

Variaty is awesome 343 even if it was just BR starts with a 20% weighting in the slayer playlists.