FFA Maps need more weapons

Too often do I rarely ever find weapons to pick up and use while playing FFA. Plaza feels like the only one and maybe Rig, that has a variety of weapons to use. It doesn’t help that FFA is plagued with the HCS gametypes making weapon limitations even worse. I really hope that any upcoming update remedies this issue since it’s really not helping to keep the game fresh. I ain’t playing to be sweaty, I just wanna have some fun. Ain’t got the reflexes that I used to when I was younger :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone agree or disagree?

“Ain’t got the reflexes that I used to when I was younger”

Well I have that t-shirt too lol
I find super fiesta to be fun, plenty of different weapons to use or pick up from the fallen (that’s the fallen that my team mates have killed lol)

I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more weapons on some of the maps. But I do kinda like that HCS FFA is mixed in to the playlist. It is ranked so it should be some what “sweaty”. It’s to bad that H5 or just FFA in general doesn’t have the population to have a soical rumble pit where you could have regular setting, maybe all rockets, king of the hill, odd ball were all great ffa games. I miss being able to talk smack over the mic as well…oh the good ol days.