FFA doesnt work

Hai, my Ffa server doesnt work anymore, it has been 2 months now. It always says that he cant find any players. I tried “balanced”, “focused”,“expanded” ,everything but the ffa slayer doesnt work… all the other servers work though… but this one doesnt. It did work in the beginning…

Where do you live? And what’s your Skill Rank?

I played FFA on focused search for about 3 hours straight just yesterday.

Have you tried a hard reset of your xbox

I live in the netherlands and im level 27

How do I hard reset the xbox? And are there any risks?

You turn it off, then you unplug it. It may also vary depending on your location. Also the people who play now a days are Champions.

I dont think its because of my level… something just isnt right… I did the hard reset and it didnt work… the team slayers and everything do work… only te FFA doesnt