FFA Champ player looking for a clan

I consistently place onyx on slayer and team arena, and I have hit as high as champ 95 in FFA (May Season). I constantly play solo and it is really boring. I would like to meet new friends to play halo 5 and grind some arena/slayer, warzone, etc… together and have more fun, instead of getting frustrated solo queing and have no one to play with whatsoever. I feel like I have a positive attitude, and I am good skill wise, so if you are interested in playing with me please, let me know! Some of my interests are basketball, hockey, tennis, art (drawing, painting), music in general and anime/manga.
You can message me through xbox live, my gamertag is “So Conflicted”
I hope to meet new friends through this, thanks for reading ^~^

Look no further!


APEX Gaming XB1

Register on our website and you’re in! I’m currently 2nd in command of our clan’s Halo Division and we are really looking to expand our Ranks! We host occasional game nights and internal tournaments for prizes!

Colonel, APEX Gaming
Halo Division