FFA Challenges Not Tracking

I’m not sure who needs to see this but FFA weekly challenges are NOT tracking at all for me. Get 20 MP kills in FFA will not increase. This has been an issue for me since launch. Anyone else having the same issue?

343, can you please remove those challenges until fixed?

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Yep the Challenges are not tracking this week in FFA. At the end of the match the scoreboard bugs out and no progression is awarded.

I tried restarting Steam, my PC and the Xbox app, it’s the same on all three.

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I have a feeling this is an inconsistent issue. I see it reported all the time for FFA challenges but I’ve never had any issues. Obviously the tracking issue exists but it’s not affecting everyone.

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It happens to me every couple of matches. Although it didn’t happen all week last week.

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As a minor update…had to get 2000 cumulative score in FFA. Almost got it in one game last night but ended up having to play another game…but both FFA games tracked and challenge completed without any issues. As stated previously, I think this is an intermittent and inconsistent issue amongst the player base but it does obviously exist for so many players to be having the issue with FFA challenges.

For the record, I usually love FFA but this iteration with AR starts and on the current maps is garbage. I really don’t enjoy Halo Infinite FFA but the challenge system makes you have to play it or swap it out.

Yes FFA tracks only sometimes. For me, the games I placed 1st or 2nd in didn’t track. The games I did worse in tracked correctly. It’s probably coincidence but it happened frequently enough that as soon as I knew I completed the necessary requirements for a FFA challenge, I would purposely die a lot to make sure I didn’t finish at the top of the scoreboard.

Part of the issue is that it’s only slayer. There’s not ffa oddball or Koth.

No issue this week but I had this issue before when 2 of my completions did not count any scoring. Both times the scoreboard at the end bugged out and both times it was the same map - I think it was Recharge but not entirely sure.


An issue that caused HaloInfinite Free-For-All matches to not show stats or reward progress towards Challenges is now resolved. No download is needed for this fix. If you’re still experiencing issues, submit a new ticket or update your existing ticket: