FFA challenges bugged

So it seems the FFA challenges aren’t counting for me, is it doing that for anyone else? Even if I win the match, it give me no points at the end and behaves as though I didn’t finish the match, so I can’t get any of those challenges done. I’ve swapped them and it just gives me similar challenges, so idk what to do.

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Been this way for about a month now:


this is the first time its happened in this way for me, and it seems to only be linked to FFA challenges

Someone else made a post about Team Slayer challenges not activating in the QP playlist, but I personally have not had this problem when in the same situation.

FFA seems consistent, especially this week. Do you recall this happening in the last 24 days? Lol

Usually the issue fixes by quitting the game and relaunching it. Though it can still can back, which requires another relaunch of the game.

I haven’t had any challenges fail to complete like this. Thus far I’ve completed every weekly event

Interesting, to your recollection have you had any FFA challenges?

yeah I know I had some last week, and they weren’t an issue

I noticed that the FFA score challenge was not updating if I joined an in-progress game. However, I was not playing consecutive matches to determine if the bug was persisting as I would have to leave the game after the match.

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I tried this and even though I won the match it still gave me no credit for it sadly

I get mission completion maybe 10% of the time with FFA. It’s extremely frustrating and I refuse to spend money on challenge swaps for an extremely broken game - guess I’ll just miss out on the weekly

Same boat, my challenges for FFA only worked for one challenge, after that was completed, any other time I got the challenge my FFA matches end with 0 score.

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Same. These double kill FFA challenges are painful. About 70% of my FFA matches don’t count. Getting 5 double kills took a long time last week. This week I just need the one…we’ll see how long this takes.