FFA Action Sack/Flood Mini Games

How would this sound? The ability to play some of your favorite custom games in Matchmaking especially if a lot of your friends aren’t online.

FFA Action Sack
-Lava Pit
-La Grille

Flood Mini Games(Would either be in FFA Action Sack or take up a slot in Flood)
-Duck Hunt
-Clogged Toilet
-Trash Compactor

I just grabbed a few from each and linked videos just to give people an idea of what I’m saying.

> As far as I know the way MM works you cannot have both Team and FFA gametypes in the same playlist. If this were to be implemented, IMO there might need to be some cleaning up in the playlists for it to be a permanent playlist

There is a problem to 1-life gametypes. At least in Reach, if there was a black screen, everyone who was dead would respawn, but it would never be on the map, and the game wouldn’t end until the time limit as a result…

I’d still love to see FFA Action Sack and minigames. Never understood why it was never added…

Haha. They look like great fun but seriously some things should just stay in customs. Bungie use to add an extra playlist for this kind of thing just on the weekends so we could goof around. That would probably work for these sort of game types.