FFA 6man

Its such a disappointment to me, I enjoyed the 8 man preseason. But this 6 man make the maps seem empty… Especially on Plaza, Hydra sniping near the sniper rifle pad was fun, no it seems boring.( hydra sniping= 2 shot kills when smart link lock on)

Bring back 8 man FFA, 343! even if its a social playlist.

Agree with you on this. I loved how hectic FFA is with 8 players.

I’m glad it has changed. They listened to the feedback that was given. The maps and spawn system does not provide the best experience with 8 people in FFA. The 6 person FFA allows more 1v1 fights, instead of constant spawn killing.

I think it works much better with 6. There’s a lot less getting shot right as you spawn now.