FF + general suggestions for improvement


First off, I just want to say thank you 343 for the amazing Flood FF update. I really appreciate new ways to play FF and I can’t wait to get more friends back to playing MCC and trying the new content. I did have a few thoughts for how FF and the MCC in general could be improved upon:

  • FF
    • Split up the hazards option into multiple options in both ODST and Reach. (So, for example, players could turn on snipers, turn off wraiths, and turn on drop pods, instead of having all on or all off.)
    • Split up the boons option into multiple options in ODST. (So, for example, players could turn on BR and AR weapon racks, turn off allies, etc.)
    • Allow players to choose what two weapons spawn in the boons weapon racks in ODST.
    • Add a setting for ammo crates in Reach, so players can choose what kind of ammo is refilled. For example, players could make it so ammo crates refill all ammo, just human ammo, just covenant ammo, default (no power weapon ammo), etc.
    • AI companions
      • Add AI companions to all maps that do not have them already in ODST and Reach
      • Allow players to choose how many spawn (maybe 1-10?)
    • Vehicle Set
      • Add the ability to choose vehicle set in Reach FF.
      • Add the missing Halo 3 vehicles as options: (banshee, prowler, mongoose, troop transport hog, chopper, etc.) in ODST FF
    • Add loadouts to ODST FF
    • Add the missing H3 weapons to FF: the magnum, SMG, and others (?)
    • Add more elite squad variants for ODST (elites + jackals, stealth elites, zealots)
    • Add a flood squad type that is just a variety of flood forms
    • add drones and elite zealots as squad types in Reach FF
    • Ability to play as a spartan or elite in ODST FF
    • Make dual wielding an option in ODST FF
  • Add Halo 3 weapon and vehicle skins to ODST campaign and FF.
  • The latest update introduced an audio bug with CE; other threads have more details; please fix.
  • Keyboard needs an option to walk slowly (not setting off the motion tracker) like on controller. I know that you can crouch to walk slowly, but currently there is no way to remain standing while walking slowly like there is on controller.
  • Add the ability to rebind all controller buttons. (The original CE on PC had this, please bring it back!)
  • Add rally points to CE and 2. This would make those games much more replayable.
  • H2A still has framerate issues on certain missions, see the digital foundry video for details.
  • In the match composer, instead of forcing players to choose one option for player count (2v2, 4v4, 8v8, etc.) allow players to select multiple, like we can with game modes. This will help mitigate the effect of the lowering player count on matchmaking wait times. I for one would love to queue for infection and BTB simultaneously.

And that’s everything I can think of right now. Thanks for reading. As always, I am curious to hear other people’s thoughts, and I hope 343 gives this a read and that some of these features and/or ideas are in the pipeline!


this would make for a great update!


Pretty sure the Halo CE audio issues were fixed with the update that came like 3 days after the big one.


The only things I really disagree with here is Loadouts for ODST Firefight, playing as a spartan/elite from halo 3 multiplayer, and dual wielding, but aside from that, I pretty much like everything else listed.

Just about the only things I’d add though are;

  • Stealth Flood for ODST Firefight (they appeared briefly in CE, and are like how flood using vehicles came from Halo 2)

  • Elite Ultras added as a rank above Elite Majors in ODST Firefight (they were testing bringing them back during S8’s flight)

  • Spec-Ops Grunts Restored as allies for floodfight (they were made to support Spec-Ops Elites after all)

  • Brute Trackers restored using the Brute Sniper settings from Tsavo Highway (Beam Rifle Brutes)

  • restore Elite players ability to assassinate ODST NPC’s in Reach