Few issues I noticed today

There are several issues I’ve had in the hours I’ve played.
There’s no way to mute players while in lobby, which is frustrating.
When trying to mute in game, there’s no way to tell who you’re muting because the little speaker symbol doesn’t show up.
When going cloaked, the radar mini-map goes wild, same as when in a flying vehicle.
There’s no way to choose a loadout for your next spawn, and some spawn times are too short to properly choose.
There also seems to be something affecting my mouse? Its not really clear, and I’m not sure what I’d call this, but its almost like the game is altering the feeback of my mouse trying to maybe do some aim assist thing like Halo 1 did on controller? Idk, i’ts just weird not having it act clearly.
The profanity filter may need a toggle button because you cant say something is -Yoink-, without getting your entire message turned into ****
The season points thing could use some explaining as I needed to go out of my way to figure out that I get tokens by leveling up.
Leveling up feels like a chore in it of itself too, quite a lot of VS missions and even more from firefights if you want to level up.
Going from level 1-3 as a casual player seemed very taxing as it took about 5 hours of game play. Mind you I’m not MLG pro, or whatever, but I play casually as do most people, and to see my firefight score not actually accumulate into the leveling up exp I was disappointed. I noticed that the score seems to be mostly consistent of medal or awards you get in game (triple kill etc).
I know that this is the flight, and much is planned to be changed, but I hope my little post here helps us get the best halo experience :slight_smile:

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