Few Concerns But Overall BRILLIANCE!

It looks amazing! from what we’ve seen Halo 4 multiplayer looks to be the best so far!
My only concerns are

  1. there are rumours of weapon based betrayals being removed.
  2. Rumours of a sentry turret being an armour ability.
    I also heard jetpack is returning but i’m not to bothered about that.

Anyway i’m just saying no matter what they put in the game i will adjust my playstyle to work and counter that armour ability or that perk, unlike what you guys do on reach, you all complain about how armour lock and jetpack broke maps and gameplay, it’s because you continue to play with the Halo 2-3 playstyle, can’t you see the gameplay has changed and you need to adjust accordingly? Otherwise the game just wont work for you. For those complaining about Halo 4, Remember it’s a NEW game so it’s SUPPOSED to be NEW, catch the word new?

Finally, I liked Reach, Shoot me.

Ps. Halo 2 was my first Halo