Festa add more weapons

In festa I would like to see the weapons from the campaign come to festa
EX: the red energy sword
The upgraded unsc and banished weapons that you get form progressing through the game and by betting the bosses
What do y’all think please let me know

I think it would be better to have them spawn in during the match & have people fight for them

the reason I don’t think they should be in the normal rotation is that people require challenges for certain weapons & if you pollute the weapon count further people are just going to have a harder & more frustrating time.

The upgraded campaign variants are there, but you can’t spawn with them. To get them, you need to play Custom Games, play fiesta, and then turn on weapon pads and power weapon pads, they have a chance to spawn. Unfortunately, Destroyer of Hope and Bloodblade won’t ever spawn. I would definitely like to see Super Fiesta with the variants in normal matchmaking (as a seperate playlist, duh)

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