Female Players

I think it is funny when I join a party or a fire team, and I hear people say " Woah, wait! Is that a girl?!" I find that the most funniest thing on halo especially. It’s like the females have invaded the male’s perception of video games. There were some weird, stupid moments. One time this 12 year old was shocked that I was a female, and sent me a voice message saying I love you, I think your hot, and will you marry me. Not only was this kid creepy, but HE WAS 12 YEARS OLD! Another moment was when this kid joined the party. He was a squeaker. When I spoke, he was like " Woah, that either squeaker or a chick." and he wouldn’t believe that I was a chick and called me a squeaker. Like, wtf are you to call me a squeaker when your are the squeaker. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t find this annoying, I find it funny. Eventually, I have been hit on my older men, but the younger ones tend to speak their minds. I don’t know if I consider men who hit on me creepy or funny, like they don’t know how I look like for godsake. Oh well, I just found this too funny to share.

Happens all the time. Welcome to gaming 2012

haha thanks for sharing. Nice to see it hasn’t driven you away! :smiley:
I wouldn’t have heard the engagement… I mute the squeakers. haha

Not sure what this has to do with Halo, but good luck avoiding these type of people on Xbox Live!