Female Looking for Other Females

Hello! I’m Rachael c:

As the title says, I’m seeking out other players to play with. I’m mostly friendly, a tomboy, anime nerd… i hope to hear from some people, that’d be cool, halo is the ultimate franchise to enjoy.

Also, looking for potential female clans or Spartan companies out there :slight_smile:

I am in EST timezone.

Heyy, my name is Kaicee ^-^ I literally just made a clan lol so far I’m the only member. If you would like to join it is call “Keepers of Bad Dreams”. I’m female as well and wouldn’t mind having a playing partner. I don’t talk much, not really my strong suit, but love playing halo and doing things with friends is more fun anyway. I currently waiting for MCC on PC before I can play again

Talking can be difficult for me as well, so youre not alone in that c:

Do you play on the Xbox or just do Halo PC stuff?

Just do PC stuff in general, don’t have an xbox anymore

I’d be up for playing.

What would your GT be?

My steam is kaylee.lockheart but it might appear as AzulaAtlantica

Im not a female but I do have a few female Spartans that would love to have more women in the company if ur interested just message me

Hey, I’m also a female and currently the only one in my current spartan company. I play halo in Xbox One, hmu if you feel like playing :smiley: