Female Elite Appearance

So I was watching Halo Legends and I saw a female Sangheili.What puzzled me was the humanoid apperance of her face.

Was this just artistic licence or is that the canon appearance of female elites?

Pretty sure its a little of both. Obviously Legends is highly stylized (and amazingly animated I should note) so some licence was taken. We see another female Elite on the cover of Shadow of Intent and the only difference is that she looks leaner than Rtas Vadam whos on the cover as well.
However, some fans have speculated that since The Duel takes place millenia before the current age (as it happens just after the Writ of the Union, putting it timeline wise around the events of the first half of Halo: Broken Circle) this could be what females formerly looked like and evolution has taken care of the rest. Or, possibly, that the one we see is a different phenotype of Elite (obviously they don’t all look the same, same as humans).

The only differences between the male and female elites is that females are slightly smaller, skinnier, and have more booty.

I would really like to see a detailed in-game appearance from a female Sangheili one of these days. It was really hard when reading thru Kilo V to mentally picture what Raia looked like. (And I have to mentally be painting a picture of what I’m reading at all times or the story means nothing to me.) Hopefully Mahkee 'Chava makes an appearance in H6.

Thanks for clearing this up.