Fellow Spartans! Let us rally together! <<<

Let us silence the great evil and not allow them to awaken! I have been seeing threads lately about how trollers have invaded metacritic with ridiculous and absurd reviews about Halo 4. I don’t know about you personally, but this is ridiculous. Halo 4 is an outstanding game and I think it deserves a HELL of a lot better than that and more from it’s fans! Well, I personally went on there today and took two seconds to make an account and write a little informal review, only a paragraph or so, on how I really felt about the game.

I think as dedicated fans (which I hate to say it, but more than likely you are if you are on these forums), then we should ban together and do something about it! 343 deserves better and honestly they have MORE then gained my trust through this astounding game they created. Now I am not telling you to do anything, you can do or not do whatever you wanna do. Now I am NOT telling you to just boost their scores. I am simply saying that if you love Halo as much as I do then go on http://www.metacritic.com/game/xbox-360/halo-4, make an account (which takes about a miinute or less) and truly share how you feel bout the game. After you’re done come back on here and post your mini review so 343 can see how the REAL fans feel and not the hoards of internet trollers. Below you will find the little review excerpt I gave:

"I have been playing halo since Combat Evolved came out for the original Xbox. I have seen the evolution of the series and all I can say is I am truly impressed. 343 industries took the mantle and most definitely ran with it. In my opinion Halo 4 is without a doubt one of the best in the series. The campaign has you at the edge of your seat the ENTIRE time as you move from level to level. Spartan ops is hella fun to play with your friends and it’s a cool little side story following in the eyes of a Spartan-IV in Crimson squad. Finally the multiplayer is second to none. Best in the series! I have to admit it takes a few games to get the hang of it, and I would say there’s a slight learning curve to learn the new “feel” of it, but now I am having a lot of fun with it and it keeps me coming back. Don’t listen to all these trollers on here (which is a damn shame btw), but rather pick up the game, rent it, do what ever you do, and form an opinion out of it for yourself. Halo 4 is a masterpiece, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I am personally giving Halo 4 a 10 out of 10 because it deserves it. Job WELL done 343! You have MY support. "

Thank you for you time in reading this long post and that is all.

Spartans dismissed!

Yes, exactly… Let’s feed the trolls…
Who the -Yoink- cares about reviews?

I don’t even know why people care about reviews that much. The only opinion that counts is your own. No one can tell you if you’re going to like a game or not when you haven’t played it.

Khodan: It’s not about just “who cares about reviews” it’s the fact that it’s a misrepresentation of the game. I think we can make a difference if we show our support. It angers me when this happens for such a great game. People who haven’t even PLAYED the damn game go in there and give 0’s, 1’s, and 2’s just to hate… I think we can do something about this and certainly put a stop to it! All I am saying is that I support Halo 4. It’s fun it’s exciting and I want people to know that. I stand behind it and it’s my right to do so. Being a Halo fan I show my support in whatever little way I can.