Fellas! I’m hitting interference goals

Over and over. Still can’t get to the pistol skin. Headshots I did that. 2 matches of last Spartan standing did that. Meter hasn’t moved. What’s up, 343?

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Challenges go through but meter doesn’t change.

I thought you just said recently 343 did a great job on everything? lol just messing with you. Some people say you can quit when you run out of lives but it takes a while for the progress to catch up. Honestly what I do to ensure I get the progress is just spectate the match until it’s over.

I did smart guy!!! This is constructive feedback. You’re fun! ;). My post said “constructive feedback”. Think much?

I did wait till the matches were over. Bar never changed.

Never meant it as a bad way Griff.

That’s weird. I’d try maybe restarting your game but I really think that the challenges are somewhat bugged and inconsistent unfortunately.

Appreciate you. I’ll give that’s a shot.