Fellas… chat time

We’ve all played halo… so can someone tell me why every social game feels like it has to be an esl sweat fest other team can’t lose. I never thought getting a killing spree in a fiesta playlist would be the hardest thing ever.

And also give more xp for battle pass. Wat is this some type of counter for afkers?


I guess I haven’t experienced that problem, I just like to kill people, only time I’m not “try harding” is when something funny happens and the teams go friendly and we just communicate with each other by crotching up and down rapidly.

ummmmm I mean I try to win because it is how I have fun. It’s a competitive game not a PVE game where you get to just chill.

Every game feels like an mlg sweat lobby If I’m gonna play competitive there’s a whole playlist for that not fiesta mode


In arena, it’s the AR. I found ranked to be a more laid back time because of BR starts. Favyn had custom games where we went 1v1 against him (even some 1v2 against) and we used any weapon we wanted aside from cinder and rockets. His AR won nearly every fight and it wasn’t until we used the bulldog or an Onyx ranked player to win against him. It’s not cause he’s good it’s because the AR is broken and way too good for how easy it is to use.

Fiesta is just chaos encarnate. Fiesta isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but the challenge makes you. I really hate the capstone. 20 multi kills would have made way more sense.

The Halo community seems to have become more competitive in nature over time, I guess there isn’t anything wrong with that but I sorta’ miss the days where I could play & take it a little easy.

It feels like that’s every game these days.

Gone are the days when you could just sit back and enjoy a game. Every game is played as if it’s an MLG tournament with their life on the line, even if it’s something like a casual game of Minecraft. Not just Halo, everything it seems these days is just 10X as competitive as it used to be.

Or maybe it was always like this and I was a part of the competitive people, not sure.

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Hyper-competitiveness is a thing in every PVP game nowadays. Lots of players grew up having to try their hardest every single game if they they wanted to even stand a chance against others. Eventually they would get better over time but their mentality of always bringing their best to a fight doesn’t go away, since that’s what would get them success.

Now I can understand wanting to hop online and relax, but you’re asking for stars to align. My “For fun” is trying to test the limits of my ability and winning. Sure maybe Ill grab the banshee knowing its utter garbage and see how many splatters I can get, but that’s for the purpose of winning. I don’t push myself TOO hard most of the time, but sometimes people really do bring the sweat. Which is another reason I don’t know why people want a BR so much.

A close match and the occasional blowout isn’t always sweaty boys.

Rolling in a 5 stack in casual Siege, we get someone being like “try hards” when we’re like trying goofy things while talking about our days/-Yoink!- we dealt with at work.

Most matches are close in my experience, so I relate that to school in a way.
I’d rather struggle/put a bit of effort into a B+ than get an easy A without trying. The latter has less of a reward and eventually leads to being on autopilot.

The other factor I notice a lot compared to the flights is communication. It’s an Xbox thing mostly, but just calling out things or saying what you’re doing/intent is, even if you’re all super casual can make a big difference.

Another factor is FPS games are kinda for A types in general, I’m not exactly sure how I would stop myself from skill building or trying beyond being in the middle of a stupid conversations with my teammates about corn bread and the best color to paint a lighthouse, etc.

Well, the competitive culture took over every game.

It doesn’t matter anymore if you play normal or ranked. In every game the rule is play hard or don’t play at all. I’ve seen people getting reported in League of (instert name here) and Dota (set number) for just being bad or trying out the game.

I am myself a competitive player and for sure I rage in some ranked matches but never (or nearly never) in normal games.

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Really wish this wasn’t the case. It’s the reason I stick almost exclusively to PvE games now. Just not fun having to try super hard every game, and to get told i suck in a social match.

Not even sure how 343 could combat this since every game seems to be struggling with it atm. We already tried dividing between ranked and social playlists and that didn’t work :confused:

It’s sweaty by design and I think that’s a mistake. I’m enjoying it because I do think the core gameplay is super good, but the way the maps are designed, their limited number, and the small number of playlists make this tough for a lot of people, including kids to enjoy.

I’m hoping to see more maps and play lists at launch. Maybe this is a deliberate strategy to try to make a splash in competitive gaming, which they have arguably been successful at.

I’m still questioning a lot of decisions here like no dual wield. Does it really matter to the gameplay? No. But they’ve made a conscious decision to deprive some kid somewhere of that moment when they pick up two brute maulers and go "h3!! yeah!’. Why remove those moments from the game?

I’m pretty optimistic at this point. To me the game has the classic feel but sped up so it feels more modern. They’re going to have to figure out this controller/aim assist thing though. That’s another thing that’s raising the bar too high. I’m savvy enough to figure out my controller settings but the game is hard to play, everybody is saying so and where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Get a Battle Rifle and shoot people from mid range with it. In Fiesta you have a huge advantage if you get a BR.

I had to turn off voice chat.

It’s not that I can’t take the heat, usually I’m not even the one being yelled at, but people that treat social like it’s ranked annoy me.

Dual wielding in PvP is actually really difficult to balance. It brings an extra layer to designing every gun where they have to consider not only how powerful the gun is when using one vs two of them, but also how powerful each gun could possibly be when combined with a second, different gun.

Don’t get me wrong, I love dual wielding. But it absolutely has a huge affect on gameplay. Maybe we will get it back in the future, and we could see older guns like the SMG, the Plasma Rifle, and the Mauler come back. But there’s a lot of planning and work that has to be done to get there.

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