Feelings pre and post Halo 4

Before Halo 4 released i wanted to prepare myself properly, when reach was being released i was like “Hell Yeah!” and ready for the next big halo and was sadly let down, of course foolishly i came on to the forums and got totally dragged down by its content, so this time i got ready for the new halo, i avoided any expanded material or BTS videos and tried to stay a more graceful amount of excitement the next adventure of the chief, i loaded up the first level and it was a whole lot of fun but something seemed off… as i continued onto level 2 i was wondering if this was the halo i really wanted but then something happened, the part when you escape the debris and come out into the sun with a beautiful view of forrunner architecture, there something changed, i felt it, the spark that i felt in the forest of the first level of halo 3, the spark i had sorely missed in gaming. from there onwards i absolutely loved the campaign of this game and became quite a fan of the villain and actually wanted him to win at times (because he’s just so badass!) this game was exactly what i wanted, even the expanded spartan ops campaign is interesting enough to continue playing and thought i’d try my best to put a little positive light in the forums today, thanks for reading

and sorry for the wall of text :slight_smile:

I did the same as you.

I felt the same once I hit that part. Rather than Halo 3, the first thing it reminded me of was Delta Halo, my favourite mission in any Halo game.

I only wish we’d been able to explore that second mission, rather than being funneled into the small rockways.

The campaign was good, I enjoyed it, and overall had a blast playing it. I personally wish the levels could be better explored, and felshed out, and possible expand upon this alien world we were on, rather than simply walking through caves, but all in all it was a fun campaign.

The Campaign was fun but too easy. I haven’t played online yet, so I got no idea what Spartan Ops is like; I’m too lazy to look it up. I’m just disappointed that FireFight wasn’t in Halo 4 :frowning:

I was actually excited for it, this was to be the chief’s triumphant return to gaming.The one to show Duke Nukem how its done and it had all the right ingridients for the Years best games.

[/li]- A First Party budget

  • Writers who took character developement seriously
  • Programmers and Developers of the “next box” team
  • Development Staff who were fans of the franchise
  • Developers from Metroid Prime
  • 4 year development cycle
  • The promises of “evolutionary” gameplay and the importance of narrative to the 343i staff

Before its release Halo 4 had the potential in my eyes to be the best game of the year and even if it wasnt it would be the game that most of the fanbase can enjoy.

But sadly as the release date loomed closer details of its shortcomings began to “leak” and eventually after playing it…sigh well you know the rest.

Pre and launch was like that new girlfriend feel. Post launch is the girlfriend you can’t get rid of and only enjoy being around some time… lots of flaws you wish you could change but can’t.

jeffro, what makes you think Halo 4 didn’t deserve game of the year?

What did get game of the year anyway? :o

> jeffro, what makes you think Halo 4 didn’t deserve game of the year?
> What did get game of the year anyway? :o

I think the walking Dead won game of the year and if anyone had told me this couple of weeks ago I would have told him that a point and click game doesnt deserve to be game of the year. But after playing it…I find it difficult to disagree.

In my opinion Halo 4 didnt deserve it because
[/li]- Character development was only limited to Cortana and the chief

  • Dialouge for Spartan Ops is nothing short of bad and sometimes atroucious
  • Enemy designs while interesting , stink of copy and pasting. Seriously go look at the designs for the Kgights.
  • Halo 4 didnt evolve anything besides the graphics and the cutscenes.
  • Levels are now aggresively linear
  • Custom games options limited

I could go on but you get my meaning

I was insanely excited for Halo 4. I told everyone it would be alright because 343 would be a competent developer.

I was completely wrong. This game is so much of a mess I would have felt bad if I payed 60$ for it. Instead I payed 120$ for the lackluster Limited Edition and am completely shattered at how much money I wasted.


  • Quick Time Events
  • Artificial lengthening through respawning enemies 2-4 times in the same area
    Short campaign
  • Halo 4, specifically the Forward Unto Dawn redesign, negates events of previous Halo games
  • No optional backtracking
  • No exploration
  • 5 hour campaign on Legendary by a mediocre player(me).
  • Fanfiction level story with many plot holes
  • Obscene auto-aim
  • Obscene bullet magnetism
  • Poorly balanced weapon sandbox
  • Vehicles are weak as paper
  • Spawning with plasma pistols and plasma grenades further the uselessness of vehicles
  • Map breaking exploits due to poor collision detection on maps
  • Reduced number of vehicles
  • Custom game options have been drastically reduced
  • Split screen results in poor frame-rate
  • Lack of prioritizing good connection resulting in hosts from foreign countries causing high levels of latency
  • Map voting system resulting in significantly reduced map variety due to players voting for the same map over and over.
  • Join in Progress system allows players booted from matchmaking for betrayals to rejoin via their recent players list
  • Removal of large, empty, forgable maps
  • Removal of firefight limited
  • Removal of invasion
  • Automatic flag pick up
  • Removal of Race
  • Ability to grief via blowing up friendly vehicles. You are able to blow up a teammates vehicle, however they do not die, so they are unable to boot you.

> jeffro, what makes you think Halo 4 didn’t deserve game of the year?
> What did get game of the year anyway? :o

There is no such thing as one “Game of the Year”. Every publication gives out this award.

And it didn’t deserve it because it is so broken.

Sorry for the negativity but Halo 4’s story and campaign was a massive let down and deeply disappointing for me. I was so excited for this game it was on my mind every single day since it was announced. Knowing that Halo 4 was actually being made was something amazing for me.

I never thought in a million years that Halo 4 was gonna happen I was so gob smacked to hear it was coming out, absolutely excited master chiefs story will still continue. But once I played it I felt so disappointed.

I have to agree with most of the people on these forms. I remember the first time I played Halo 2 online, wow that was awesome! I fell in love with everything Halo, I grew into a Bungie nut job.

Now I had been playing Bungie games from the days of Marathon but Halo 2/3 were special. Halo 3 trapped me for years! I played more games than I can remember. I completed the Campaign a bunch of times just for kicks and custom games rocked!

Then Reach… I hate you Reach, I hated Bungie for this… this pile of crap. However I did enjoy the campaign but the MP broke my heart. I still played for 6 months just praying the game would be fixed and Halo would be returned. Nada.

Halo 4… The campaign was over in one day!! One very easy day :frowning:
The MP is as bad as Reaches and to be honest it’s worse. I have played to my SR 55 or something and completely quit. This game is terrible, I mean it’s sick how bad they screwed up Halo. We all know the problems… Read the above posts; do not hold your breath guys for a patch to bring Halo back. The Halo we loved died with 3. So I play COD, never owned a COD before Halo 4 but I do now. Kinda fun but not nearly as halo 2 and 3.

Pre-Halo 4, I no-lifed it for release week. Post Halo 4, I now don’t play it as much. Halo hasn’t been able to keep my interest since Halo 3 sadly.

I was ridiculously excited for it before release.
After spending an hour and a half trying to find out which maps were the forge maps, and finding out that even those three were just plain shameful, I was a bit bummed. After playing the campaign and finding out not only that Chief is THE CHOSEN ONE !1!!, but that the game ends with a lame Starfox level and a QTE shoving space voldemort into an orange toilet, I was bummed further.

Still giddy and excited, I played the multiplayer for a while and got tired of never missing and of getting oodles of undeserved headshots in the mediocre playlists. I played through the first two seasons of Spartan Ops and realized how damn awful it was, and was bummed further yet. I tried to grab a couple of highlights from the “save the marines!” mission and found out I couldn’t do that in Theater.

My last bit of hope left when I tried to make a custom gamemode in Flood and, well…you can probably guess what happened with that.

At least the cutscenes involving ships were pretty. I love huge-scale ships, and the cutscenes with Infinity were almost as impressive as the ones in Halo Wars.

Nov 5, 2012

“There’s no way Halo 4 will be worse than Reach. I can’t wait to get the game tomorrow! It’ll be the best Halo since 2.”


“I wish my copy of Reach wasn’t broken.”