Feeling heartbroken for 343. Am I alone?

if 343 released a quality halo title at any point beforehand I wouldn’t be nearly as upset at infinite’s setbacks.

but after halo 4 trying to replicate call of duty, MCC being broken for years, halo 5 launching with barely any content and a forgettable campaign, its easy to be frustrated with 343 dropping the ball on yet another halo game.

I miss back when the only thing people could complain about in halo was the weapon balance.


Turn off x-play for any game and you almost get the same results on every game it seems.

And i thought i was the only one who thought halo 4 seemed like it was going COD and I never played COD.

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MOST games I play now days puts a bad taste in my mouth. I hate the bad gameplay in all the bad games with bad MTX. This is a win for me. I guess I just miss Halo because I haven’t played with my regular group since 3 and hustling in life got in the way of gaming… so this is finally something for me.

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For me Reach was the one going in the direction of COD the only thing I liked about Reach was the Campaign Story and Invasion (even though that game mode was unbalanced) I also never got the spend the time to “git gud” at Reach so that was a factor there.

halo 4’s incorporation of perks, custom loadouts, weapon unlocks and random ordnance was universally maligned when it came out. 11 years later a lot of people are nostalgic for the game but it still isn’t good.


I mean destiny is currently in a far better state and almost none of the old bungie stayed at 343 (5 people). Bungie still produces top tier content.


Well i played reach all the way through until halo 3 i didn’t really feel like it was COd because you couldn’t really as far as I know customize your loadouts… halo 4 on the other hand screamed “I"M A COD CLONE” to me.

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I’m not excited about the MTX but it’s never going away in the future for any type of game. It could be way worse for Halo. Honestly, I felt like REQs in Guardians was worse for the Warzone gamemode…

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I played halo 4, I did not like it at all there was just something about it that wasn’t halo to me anymore.

I can’t comprehend how people take legitimate criticism towards a company and feel personally insulted. Not going to even get into how you can compare what we have here at launch to previous halos and think it’s just as swell. Btw people that are upset are just as passionate about the game so I don’t know why you think they’re trying to destroy it somehow? I just don’t get this line of thought at all.


Dude honestly i appreciate your trying to be optimistic and im genuinely glad your olay with the current state of halo.

Each to there own. People are allowed to feel how they feel.

As long as they are civil and not handing out deather threats and stuff then i dont see the issue.

Im allowed the be angry and upset.


Good for you for actually enjoying the game, and I mean that. No sarcasm.

However, I don’t feel the same way because this is there 4th attempt at a launch and it’s yet another unsuccessful attempt. I would venture to say that each one is worse than the last.

I like what 343 has done for the story and expanding the universe so far, and all signs are pointing to Infinite having a good story too, and they do seem to be able to turn it around, but they shouldn’t have to.

All games have issues and areas that need improvement, but this launch, imo, has been just terrible. A content starved greed fest is what was given to us.

My frustrations aren’t with the developers either. It’s with the top brass at 343 and MS. They made their bed and now sent Ske7ch out to say they don’t want to lay in it.


Thats true. That was a legitimate pay to win system which is much worse.

Don’t expect any more sympathy to come their way since the campaign isnt even playable in coop at release.
They’re just milking the Halo franchise and the fans with the title. The game is a cash cow and they pretty much destroy everything it was - save for the quality of the gunplay.


so your telling me you don’t mind a game being released in pieces? serious question

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Me personally I would love this madness to stop.
They have the message so let them work.

Some changes in SW are quick but as they pointed out, you need to test end to end process and it takes time zo verify you didnt break something.

They will not tweak & deploy lets say playlist in one day.

Just because some smart a… found content in gamefiles does not mean the code for them is working.

Developers sometimes have more functionality in product, but because it was not working properly those features are “commemted out” meaning disabled…

Just enjoy what we currently have and give them space to process those changes.

They heard all of you clear ynd loud. There is no more need for tons of threads with the same complaints and attacks

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Everyone hates this game and says they won’t play it anymore, yet it’s been in the top 10 on steam since launch? And has held a steady 70-120k per day playerbase.
Obviously a lot of people enjoy the game, I just think that the people who are the most upset are the most vocal


I think a lot of people are just frustrated with the amount of games that have been released in a terrible state over the last months and years.
Look at what they did to my boy Battlefield!
And besides all of that, a lot of people, after so many things have been taken from them, seek refuge in video games during this pandemic (which sucks btw.) and at the moment gaming is in a not so good state, if you ask me.
Me personally, i enjoy Infinite, i can’t wait for the campaign and i don’t see any bad intentions in what 343 are doing. OK apart from the money makin scheme but i’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and blame it on MS.

TL;DR: Tough times for everybody right now and people just let loose their emotions when it comes to a topic that is near and dear to their heart. Can’t blame them for that.


Those hidden playlist that they will drop feed us :rofl: n the illusion of Events with new content. And don’t forget that cool reward system on the events where we will :unlock: CK the same.coating 6 times