Feeling heartbroken for 343. Am I alone?

Is there anyone out there that actually doesn’t mind anything about this game so far? It’s not even supposed to be out until tomorrow and already people are at each other’s throats and 343’s over what’s in and not in the game. This game is supposed to be supported for ten years… Look at how far the MCC has come since its launch (I was disappointed in the connection issues at the start) I think that 343 has done a terrific job at capturing an exciting Halo experience. I look at my friends list and every night Halo Infinite has the most people playing it and have a blast playing with my family and old friends. We got lucky to have this game out already and I’m grateful for it. There’s so much here to be excited for in the future but seeing all this negativity hurts. I’ve spent an extra $50 dollars for the game even though I have game pass ultimate. Is that really so bad if I love the game? I like to consider myself really good at the game but the fact of the matter is I’m probably just a filthy casual (Plat 4 ranked) compared to the sweats of today’s gaming culture. 343 if you read this keep up the good work I look forward to playing and playing and playing. I look forward to climbing the leader board and getting better. I look forward to spending more money, supporting you guys and unlocking stuff for free. I haven’t felt this good about Halo since Halo 3. I liked Halo 5 for what it was but had no one to play with, same with Halo 4. To all the naysayers about 343 who else do you expect to chase Halo with a passion? Look at what happened to BF2042 without the real DICE. I don’t want that to be Halo. Cheers 343 I love you guys and keep it up don’t let some mean people bring you down please.


Look at what happened to Halo without the real Bungie. Congratulations your point is meaningless.


Not alone but definitely in the minority, here. The majority are displeased with the monetization that has been implemented. It’s changed features that have been in Halo since the beginning of the franchise. Its so bad that some theories that are really extreme are actually somewhat believeable. A lot of people believe the reason game modes and weapon spawns are completely random is to make the challenges harder to complete and encourage buying skips and challenge swaps. Greed doesn’t get much worse than that. Halo has some of the most dedicated players in any video game franchise. You can’t do them like that without repercussions. Does 343 deserve violent threats? No. Its just a video game. Do they deserve harsh criticism of said video game? Absolutely.


Let other people worry about themselves. You don’t need anyone else to tell you what you enjoy.

They’ve said they’re just getting started, so take them at their word, be patient and have fun playing with your friends and family.


Take a corporation at their word when they are lying about game modes? Go into infinite in offline mode on steam and wow look at all those hidden playlists.


Honestly i was so excited for this game. Its the reason i bought a series x. I have and play all the halo games. I read all the books and graphic novels. I collect the mega blocs. But this game is a joke. Its launch with a 3rd of the normal content expected.

The final straw for me was not being able to replay campaign missions without restarting the game from the start.

Im disappointed and angry with the way the game has been shipped. It clearly isnt ready. I would have rather waited than have a game thats not even close to content complete.

I understand that its live service and they will stuff later but this game is no better than anthem or avengers in the way its launching.

Im fed up with being lied to by companies. Im fed up of half finished games. Ship now fix later. Its a joke and the thing thats killing gaming for me.

As a 20 year fan i cant tell you how heartbroken i am that the franchise iv loved for more than half my life has been stripped back intonwhat we are getting.

So no, i dont feel sorry for the company or the people in the company that did that somthing i have devoted sonmuch time and effort to


Would it have been better if the response was one of total apathy?

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Look at Destiny though… would it have been much different? Some of old Bungie is at 343 and Bungie isn’t the same anyways.


WHY DO YOU need to speak for 343 are they unable to defend themselves??? are they incapable of responding??? Tell me why do you feel so obligated to respond for 343 when you don’t work for them? what’s in it for you?


Let me just check…nope just you!!


They’re charging insane amounts for their cosmetics that they took from their battlepass after gutting it, shipped a game missing core gamemodes and features, and have overall treated us fans like chumps and dollar signs. So no, I don’t feel heartbroken for them at all. For the franchise we all care for and love, yes, I do feel heartbroken for that. This is a predatory storefront with a barebones game tacked onto it. Like I have lost all excitement for this game and it’s future, especially after that statement from Ske7ch. Good thing the campaign is good, because that may be the only thing worth playing until 343 learns how to monetize correctly and stop treating their fans like idiots. This entire “game” just puts an awful taste in my mouth, which sucks because the gameplay is good. But good gameplay in a bad game won’t keep me around


i’ll be sure to shed some tears for the corporation 343 who is just being bullied by their big meany weeny fans who are just so crazy and have no room to complain because the game is F2P hehehehe. bunch of crybabies this game is perfect, plz cry more for 343 though. RIP


I’ve read a lot of the novels and collected stuff (and lost it) over the years and I’m not disappointed that bad. 343 has been pretty dang transparent at what we are getting if you followed the blogs. I’m still use to Halo CE and Halo 2 and Halo 3 was an added bonus of stuff sure, but I guess in those post Halo 3 years I didn’t dedicate enough time to the next games to “expect more”. It’s open world Halo and the first of its kind… there’s not gonna be everything you expect from some open world games. There is a lot of open world games you can’t replay missions whenever you want… Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a good example.

These thoughts are my own bro not I’m not trying to speak for them.

People have short memories, MCC was a train wreck when it launched but look at it now.

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I guess we are just different types of fans. I like to replay and hunt for extra lore thoughout each mission. But doing that when i have to start at the start of Gme over and over is gonna be tedious.


Your thoughts, on 343, again what’s in it for you?

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Ncc never recovered on xbox. It recovered because they launched it again on pc. They cant do that here


How has it never recovered, I can boot it up and find a game when I want.

Turn off cross play. See what happens