Now that the flight is over and I played tons of games with bots and was lucky enough to play tons of PvP. I’ll talk about somethings that I think needs to be fixed or worked on. But firstly I would say big ups to the sound design and the soundtracks O M G I loved the soundtrack. I’ll organize this with small issues then with big ones.

-Played on the Xbox Series S-

Smaller issue
with this being a tech preview, of course we ran into tons of small glitches and bugs that I’m sure the team is already working on or fixed already on the current build of the game so I wont be talking about the obvious ones like sound fading out, no reload animation would randomly happen, or bots being bots, and ect. I’ll be talking about ones people don’t seem to be talking about or are and just needs to be talked about.

  • smart link with the sidekick and randomly with other weapons would “hunt” for focus. it seemed like it didn’t know what or where to focused at times, the blur would go in and out. - Weapon drill would be choppy, the Frames would drop at times. also weapon drills should have a unlimited mode where you can test out weapon combos or just to mess around in - Battle pass would not track my progress at times, also earned XP in game should definitely go towards the Battle pass not just challenges - I think the radar is a bit on the smaller size maybe make it a bit bigger, also having the radar track enemies for running and shooting seems pointless. I think we should have it like we always had it just track an enemy for everything besides standing, crouch walking or crouching like the other halos. but in rank have radar off as usual - Medals seem small also I don’t know about yall but getting an overkill or a killtac should be rewarding but when its the same color and really small its not that rewarding. maybe change the color to distinguish them like pervious halos - Collusion and friendly fire. So I think for rank play have friendly fire on and for Social game have it off. But I think Collusion should be off for all game modes but have the ability to change it in custom games. it just annoying running inside of someone lol
    Bigger Issues I think definitely needs to change or worked on
    I think these are the ones the community are talking about the most or need to be brought up.

  • AIM ASSIST needs a buff. Like I sated above I play on Xbox Series S which means I play on a controller, the gameplay feels great I love it but the aiming is off. I have a decent shot but boy was I fighting to get my crosshair on target. I had to change my dead zones and acceleration to make it feel kinda normal even went to change my crosshair thicccness(lol). I agree with the community this needs a buff! and for those saying get better at the game lol mind you this is a free to play game tons of people that never played halo will be picking this up for the very first time. This needs some kinda buff - Outlines on team and enemies this is another big one in the community, I’m mixed because I like it but its hard to tell when someone is one shot or if they have OS even if you popped there shields. so maybe dim down the brightness of the outline because we cant even see the cool armor they have on. Or have the armor light up like in Halo 3 the armor would have like lights in them so maybe have that be the color of the team (hope that makes sense) but something needs to change about that. - Sniper feels off and scope issues, so this isn’t a big issue but I just love the sniper. The scope would randomly zoom in and i think the aim assist buff will help with the sniper. - multiplayer lobby. This might be just me but I feel like we need some kinda lobby we get in and see the teams, whos on pc and whos on xbox. Also to see the vote option comeback to skip maps or have the lobby vote on which map to play would be nice. Flight would just throw you into a game would be nice to see some kind of lobby to see players rank, banner and so on. - Over Shield should have some kinda glow or maybe make it a different color or something because its super hard to know when someone has it because friendlies are always glowing and so are the enemies this goes back to that outline issue
    Overall the Flight is getting me more hype then ever! 343i you guys are killing it, the sound deign is just amazing and the soundtracks are sooo freaking good especially with that modern post rock twist! The artstyle is amazing as well, thank you guys for letting us get a taste of what’s to come this was the first time in a long time that I truly believe halo will be back! As someone who has been playing halo from the very start I’m super happy to see this going super well, and you guys are taking input from this crazy community. obviously you cant make all of us happy but I can say with confidence the community is super hyped for this game and extremely happy with how things are looking and feeling! Thank you again! sorry for this being super long :stuck_out_tongue: lol I’m excited for future flights (343i hire me)