Feedback: Your oppinion

What do you think needs to be changed, added, or removed in Halo: Infinite? State your opinions in the comments.

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Me personally would like a different battlepass progression system. I do like challenges, but being the only way to progress (besides the daily game objectives), it gets really hard to progress. I feel like maybe these changes should be made to it for earning progression:

  • EXP for total amount of points at end of game
  • Mythic Medals should award EXP and cosmetics
  • A way to earn in-game currency, other then the paywall
  • Tiers for weekly challenges to select every week, each awarding more EXP the harder the challenge (Training: 200-250, Fieldwork: 250-350 Spartan: 350-500) You get to pick a new challenge tier every week, but cannot change it after selection between a week.

#1. There should be 2 paths to the shop. Giving the players the option to earn credit just by simply playing the game and the option to spend money to purchase items.

  1. Follow through with the promise they made when it comes to customization. Players choice should always be a thing.

  2. Add more maps for MP and please stick with the Halo theme when designing maps. Halo has been in the past and should always be a game that separates itself from any other game.

  3. Please when and if this is added do not use assassinations as bait for your shop. Playing the campaigns in the past was one of the things that was really enjoyable besides the C0-OP running one.

  4. Stop with the “balancing” in this game. This is one thing I know some will not like, but it is ruining the fun in the game. After seeing what 343 did to Halo Reach in MCC, I was like WTH did they do to Reach because 343 ruined it, and all you players calling for nerfs are not helping one bit. There are way too many things watered down with both weapons/vehicles, it’s not fun at all.

I could post more things, but this is what has my attention at this point.