Feedback: Vehicle handling and controls

Would you like options to switch between vehicle handling and control types?
  • I’d like both.
  • I’d like a vehicle handling option.
  • I’d like a vehicle control option.
  • I’d like neither.
  • It doesn’t matter to me.

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The vehicle handling seems bad in Infinite.

  • Warthogs, Mongeese and Choppers flip over frequently.
  • Banshees fly too fast and are difficult to use.

However, some people might like the way they work at the moment, so an option to change how they work seems like it could be good for those who like how it is and those who don’t.

Likewise, the controls for the Scorpion and possibly other vehicles seem disliked while some people have no issues with them.


btw its mongoose not mongeese its dubble oo not dubble ee.

i got no problem with the warthog and mongoose that there flip over since you can counter it if you learn it and master it.
and still for me its more fun so far there are now since you can do some crazy things with it and sometime’s crazy things happens out off the blue more with it.

from the chopper i not know it if you flip it over by make a turn from it.
the only way i know you can get that if you do something crazy with it more to make it sure it flips over.

so far i not no problem at all with it in the campaigns mode’s i have play.

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It’s supposed to be plural.

It flips over all the time in multiplayer for me.
In Halo 3, it didn’t do that as often.
Also, with the thrust being nerfed, having it flip over so often makes me not want to use it, unless I use it as a portable turret.

Have you tried driving anything in campaign? Its like the tires/treads are all smooth as glass trying to drive on ice, everything gets stuck on some of the smallest things, since the only destruction is fusion coils and vehicles. Like i understsnf halo foesnt have destruction, but a 6inch shrub/rock shouldnt stop my Scorpion in its track’s

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I cannot agree to this. As many problems as infinite has, I don’t agree that this is a real problem. It’s just like all of the other games, in that it is not intuitive, and requires you to learn how to drive it. They change the looks, controlling feel, balance, etc. every single game.

343i, bring back open lobbies and open communication.

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It’s an issue, as it incentivizes using the Grappleshot and air vehicles over land vehicles.
Also, the driving mechanics were better in 3.
If you tried doing the Warthog runs from CE and 3 with Infinite’s vehicles, you’d probably change your mind about it not being a problem.

That said, I do think there are more important problems at the moment.
It’s just one of those things that needs to be changed at some point (hopefully right after the bigger problems are resolved).

Yeah, it’s awful.
If you don’t drive on the most flat areas, you’ll flip the vehicle, get stuck or both in either order…

the controlling from the scorpoin tank is much worser then it was in halo 5 or older.
and people not like it for the scorpoin tank same as me i hate the new controling for it.

for the warthog and razorback or chopper i got no problems with it all.
its only anoying for me with the scorpoin tank.

and thats what some people have that its harder for then to drive so if there is a option to use the older setting then why not.

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I like how the gungoode and mongoose feel. They’re right responding but yes do flip over too much.

Warthogs, all of em waayyyyy to bouncy. You can’t feel the weight of them, and when you splatter someone you don’t feel the impact as you should.

Tank doesn’t feel right. I can’t put my finger on it.

The Wraith is good though.

Wasp is good just needs to be balanced by the banshee.
And the banshee…oh boy, the banshee needs alot of work.

H5 banshee wasp fights were some of my favorite. Here wasp just wrecks the banshee. The banshee needs to have a small turning radius like in 5, but the wasp needs to turn on a dime.

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I think people have said it’s because you can move backwards when moving the analog stick forward.
It depends on where the camera is pointing.
It’s been a long time since I’ve played Halo 3, Reach, etc., so I can’t remember how it worked in those games.
The camera direction might’ve not mattered, and moving the analog stick forward might’ve always moved the Scorpion forward.

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its more the controle how you drive it more.

look more on this thread i have found:

the problem is more if you wane drive to the left or right its now harder to do since you most move the gun from the tank also.

in halo 5 and older you can turn left or right with it without the gun from it so thats more the problem.

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