Feedback to 343 about last flight.

After playing the flight last weekend I encountered some weird issues. Mostly small and not to big of a deal, but some of the issues I found are ones that I haven’t seen mentioned in that many places, if at all.

Here’s a small list of things that that should be looked into if it hasn’t already.

Smallest palm tree east edge south on behemoth by the ravager doesn’t connect to the ground. (extremely unimportant but something that I don’t like to find in games)

The sound of continuously firing the ghost cuts off awkwardly between every 10 shots or so. As if the audio doesn’t loop well.

Trees warp when driving up to them. As you drive a vehicle close to or into a tree it does some wierd warping.

Had issues switching weapons. Solved by changing button layout back and forth. Possibly the Y button was unassigned.

Bots tend to get stuck in the same positions. They seem to be able to shoot and jump at times. In some locations they get unstuck once you engage them.

In one match the game started lagging and stuttering a lot and seemingly teleported me around before continuing to stutter severely for the rest of the match.

Had trouble equipping chest armor pieces.

Had some of the regular issues with server connectivity and some lag, but nothing major.

Anyone else encounter any of these problems?

Not sure where else to submit feedback.

Please use the dedicated feedback threads!