Feedback - This game is rage inducing

There’s so much wrong with this game.


  • On first launch, I found that streaming the game was near impossible because nearly ALL colour was bled out of the picture unless non-whql drivers were used.
  • Second, the picture was extremely grainy - nothing about why this is. I had to mess around for about 30 minutes to get the “best” picture, which is very sub-par for the standard in this age.


  • Control mapping is actually terrible - Why are there cloned entries for vehicles when those controls don’t apply? Melee in a vehicle? Do they have arms now?
  • Further on that when you make changes to controls, half the time they don’t even apply so you’re sat with half-setup controls where multiple functions are attached to the same processes.
  • You can’t slide with hold to sprint enabled unless you press both shift + ctrl + direction at the same time.
  • Weapon swapping is also broken on the scroll-wheel where it continuously double-swaps weapons.


  • Gameplay wise, Melee registration is so off - sometimes my character punches air, while they get a huge lunge into me.
  • You’ve basically converted Halo into a “twitch-shooter” instead of the arena shooter that made it successful.
  • Grenades are so inconsistent. Grenades detonating on top of an enemy’s face dealing not even full damage to shields, vs a grenade landing 4-5m away from an enemy dealing full damage. It doesn’t make sense.


  • On the new “Blood Gulch” base to base map, and the glare from the lighting on that is so intense you ACTUALLY CANNOT F’ING SEE ANYTHING
  • That one tiny map that is barely capable for 1v1s being played with 4v4 constantly in ranked??? What kind of crack are you smoking over there at 343i? - Brilliant decision there, all you’ve done is successfully demonstrate how poor the spawn system is by continuously spawning enemy units 5m behind you while you’re already in combat, and removing one of the key aspects of Halo games that map control is an element of skill and necessary to win games.


  • Another extremely poorly implemented feature. I’ve just unlocked something - no idea what it is. I look in my armoury - can’t find anything unlocked. I look in weapons - can’t find anything unlocked. Where’s this thing I just unlocked?
  • Further to that, you try filter on what you’ve “Owned”, and that is PER CATEGORY. So every single click you have to then go in and filter it, again, to what you’ve just done on the previous 30 categories…
  • Honestly, did you guys at 343i put any thought and consideration into this game beyond the money-grab for loot boxes and cosmetic purchases?


  • As an EU player, why the F am I matchmaking in ranked against US players where I’m at a severe connection disadvantage?
  • Far too many games 3v4 from the very start… even had one 3v2 game. This needs some work as well.
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Why have you taken away the ability for me to edit my post and keep it updated?

Since I can’t edit the OP anymore - the first issue was resolved by turning HDR ON, and also enabling it on my monitor.
Doesn’t really make sense, but that’s what rectified it.

Its against forum rules to bump your own post.

As for the melee controls in a vehicle, if you’re sitting in a passenger seat you can still use your melee

But why would you bind that to a button other than your original melee? In every other Halo game, the controls have been the same - yet in this Halo, the buttons are being forcibly re-mapped and bound to another?

I wouldn’t be bumping my own post if it allowed me to edit my post.

And the mods keep editing my post by moving it between forums - for some reason.