Feedback/Suggestion on ranking system

I honestly do not like the way I do not progress whatsoever when winning a match but instead I must complete challenges just to do so. This type of ranking system is detrimental to my team as my objective is no longer to win the match but to complete the challenge regardless of the potential negative impact it may apply to my team.

In my opinion I believe the ranking system should have adopted a similar system to that of Halo 3 where you would have a Max rank but each rank foundation e.g., Major, Colonel, Brigadier, etc would have a max EXP rank. Ranked playlists could be played to acquire that Max rank for said season while social playlists would grant you EXP per match won and bonus EXP per challenge(s) completed.
I should also add that each players individual medals should be given an EXP value which would be added towards your EXP gained after the match and to spice it up you could even make it so in ranked those medals would only be given if you win said match while social they are given regardless of win or lose.

In my opinion this would provide an incentive to strive for the win rather than solely relying on challenges for progression, while rewarding players who put in more effort during the game.
I would honestly hope for a system like this because the current system with it’s ugly CSR rank which does not provide any cool icon and the horrendous complete challenges to level up system, will undoubtedly kill a lot of the non hardcore players.

Thank you for reading my post :slight_smile:

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I agree with you. I liked the Halo 3 system a lot myself.