FEEDBACK: Season 2 Narrative Events

Hey there! I wanted to give some feedback regarding Season 2’s narrative events (Interference and Alpha Pack). I feel that the narrative events had a lot of potential and were something I’ve genuinely looked forward to, but ultimately felt very underwhelming to me.

Here’s what I would change for the events moving forward, and how those design philosophies would have applied to Season 2’s narrative events as a point of reference.

Issues with Narrative Events

  • I feel that the gameplay content is poorly-paced, which is a critique I have regarding the Fractures events, too. Both events featured Last Spartan Standing and nothing else.
  • The cutscenes of solely having someone talking to you can be underwhelming, and while understandable for project scope and resource conservation, Alpha Pack’s felt like someone just talking to you instead of being an involved part of a story.

Season 3 and Beyond

  • Events will begin with a cutscene, followed by a short PvE mission which reuses an existing Multiplayer map (think Spartan Ops) – the design intention behind this is to set the mood of the event, give players something new, and pace players with new content (so it’s not solely constant PvP). Pv# missions would be simpler in scope as to cut down on dev time needed – sustainability for the devs / studio.
  • There will be a cutscene upon completing the PvE mission, and a unique reward from the PvP event pass – down the line, it would be nice to have PvE challenges, but for now this would be simpler in scope.
  • Players would continue the story through PvP – complete challenges, leveling up the pass (you can still play and level up the PvP event without having played PvE, it’s just that the PvE would come first story-wise).
  • Have cutscenes and story involve the player as described by 343 – having a cutscene with someone talking to you is fine, but make it meaningful and avoid repetition. Use different camera shots, ensure dialogue isn’t just someone patting you on the back and saying “Good job, Spartan,” etc.

Season 2: Lone Wolves
The vent begins similar to the actual one – Spartan Eklund and Dinh return via Phantom, Dinh having received injuries too grave and Eklund saving his life.

  • Eklund explains what happened, akin to the live event – it’s found that, rather than Iratus being inside of Dinh’s suit, he “infected” it with a copy of himself/subroutine/“Iratus virus” of sorts.
  • In order to help save Dinh, you’d need to get your hands on Iratus himself for study – they’re able to lock down the Mjolnir for the time being so the virus can’t do any harm, but they can’t get him out of the suit
    The event begins with a short PvE mission on Breaker.
    • You travel to Breaker with Spartan Eklund, and go through a short PvE mission where you need to capture Iratus.
    • You can hear him barking announcements, information, and orders over the facility speakers.
    • You can choose your playstyle, but the mission would start off with more stealth-oriented combat – backsmacking patrolling Grunts and Brutes, peeking around corners and timing.
    • Once you initiate combat (are spotted, ring out gunshot) the alarm is sounded, and Iratus can be heard screaming over the speakers.
    • You go through a series of objectives, akin to the Campaign Banished strongholds – killing Banished, activating terminals to disable certain things, etc.
    • You eventually make your way to where Iratus is held, and acquire him.
      • There’s a cutscene where Eklund looks at him, “this is what Dinh found”
      • Agryna is probably seeing this too via camera/etc.
      • This could be a cutscene similar to the in-game one, though within a different setting, and rewritten for different context.
    • After this, you need to make your escape – the Banished is mobilizing to get your -Yoink!-, reinforcements coming in.
    • Either you need to steal a Phantom once more, or something else.
      After coming back, you’re congratulated by Agryna – but just because you’ve acquired Iratus doesn’t just mean Dihn is saved.
    • This would transition in to the Last Spartan Standing event – using the schematic, you’re going to distract Iratus by frustrating him, which gives UNSC/ONI more time to research him in order to better understand his makeup.
    • They then get enough data to allow them to take down the virus within Dihn’s armor, which you would see in a CUTSCENE – him getting up and THANKING you.

I hope that the formatting for this post turns out okay, and that I described my thoughts in a constructive manner! Really want the most out of these events, and I appreciate what the devs / studio are looking to achieve with them.

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Ack, formatting issues happened. Not able to edit the post for whatever reason, so they’ll have to stay. Sorry!

This is some cool feedback, but in all reality, Season 2 might be intentionally underwhelming so that when/if content improves, it’ll really have a wow factor.

If everything the community is requesting for Halo Infinite is implemented, there will be no reason to play MCC and any progression with the MCC that players have will be moot which might discourage current players from switching to Infinite.

If you are into grinding and unlocking content, MCC is for you. Halo Infinite has a slower pace and weirdly specific goals, like diversity inclusion and gaslighting (what the hell was “that” completely fake interruption of the Twitch feed about digital brains)?

That all points to Halo being developed by people who have no interest in serving anyone but themselves, which will clearly have a negative impact on the development of Halo Infinite…

The Spartan Ops format probably would’ve been a better framework for Seasonal content. A series of PvE focused operations mixed with a helping of cutscene and gameplay interactions with the characters akin to Destiny’s own Seasonal story content would very much elevate the experience. That said, anything on that scale is but a pipe dream if 343i doesn’t get a more permanent live team to help alleviate some of the more pressing issues, as well as restoring their own long-term development teams to a state of stability and productivity that allowed them to even do Spartan Ops in the first place.

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